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The Girl with a Brave Heart: A Tale from Tehran #kidlitbookreview

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The Girl with a Brave Heart: A Tale from Tehran by Rita Jahanforuz is a traditional tale about a kind, wise Persian girl named Shiraz.
As a baby, Shiraz’s mother died, and her father soon remarried, giving her a new mother and a sister to grow up with. But when her father died, everything changed. Shiraz’s stepmother forced her to do the household chores, and she grew apart from her sister, Monir.
One day after finishing her chores, she was on the roof playing with a ball of yarn that was once her mothers when suddenly the wind took the yarn away, and it landed in a neighbor’s garden. Shiraz built up her strength and went to knock on the neighbor’s door. An old, scary lady answered the door and required that Shiraz complete a few chores before she was to get her yarn back.
Instead of destroying everything like the lady asked, Shiraz cleaned and tidied and made beautiful. Shiraz was given the yarn back and told to dive three times into a clear pool and three times into a dark pool. When she had done so, she came out more beautiful than ever, looking so different that her sister and stepmother did not recognize her and almost did not let her in the house. After explaining her adventure, her stepmother threw a ball of yarn into the lady’s yard, took Monir to the door so that her daughter would be as beautiful as Shiraz. The woman again required Monir to do the same chores as Shiraz, except this time, Monir destroyed everything that Shiraz made beautiful. This time, the woman told Monir to dive in the dark pool first than the clear pool. When she returned to her house, she looked like a filthy beggar girl. It was then that Shiraz realized that the pools “don’t change the people who dip into them. They just make them look the way they feel on the inside.”
Many children’s stories today are transparent or hold simple meanings. The Girl with a Brave Heart is a truly beautiful story with a character that sees past a sad woman who demands destruction and instead realizes that what the woman truly wants is beauty. It is a rare talent to see the true hearts of people, and if children can learn from Shiraz, the world will be a much better place!
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Something To Do
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 knitting for beginners
Look for an opportunity to ARK—Act of Random Kindness: Although Shiraz’s chores were not random—she had a purpose—the kindness was random. The woman asked her destroy, not to fix. And in the end, Shiraz’s beautiful work made the woman happy. It is really easy to make someone’s day—pay them a compliment, do a chore for your parents that’s not on your list. Give someone a hug. Anything you can think of that will bring a smile to someone’s face.
**We share books that we love (and that you may love too) on this site. If you happen to buy, we get a small cut, which is passed along to the admins who run our site 24/7.

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