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Fort Ideas for Kids! (Activities for kids inspired by The Faraway Tree)

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{Guest post from Donna Ashton}

A Note from Me (Valarie):

Donna is a special friend. We love creating, nature , and brainstorming on how to provide resources and activities for families. We’ve spent hours on the phone in great conversations and recently we’ve been working on a project together which we will announce very soon and share with everyone. It’s a very exciting time of creativity for us.

Donna is the mother of twin girls who she home schools using the Waldorf method. Her girls inspired her to dig deeper into the World of Waldorf and she created her business the Waldorf Connection wanting to help other families who have chosen the Waldorf homeschooling life.


Donna is also the author of the highly successful book The Waldorf Homeschool Handbook that is published by my publishing house, Audrey Press. She always a sources for imagination and learning activities so I asked her to pop by JIAB this summer and share a book pick and a fun activity that will bring her children’s book recommend to life.

Waldorf Homeschool Handbook

Donna chose for her family read Enid Blyton’s The Enchanted Wood/Magic Faraway Tree series. Enid Blyton has always inspired our imaginations here and I have no doubt her books will do the same for your family.

faraway tree


Donna’s Review+Activity

Enid Blyton is a wonderful British children’s write who wrote hundreds of books.We were introduced to the Faraway Tree several years ago and it quickly became our favorite read aloud.The story is about three siblings Joe, Beth & Frannie whose family moves to the country. Upon exploring their new surroundings they discover the “enchanted woods”. They see gnomes, pixies fairies and the Magic Faraway tree which becomes the focus of the children’s adventures.

“Joe took a blue cushion, sat on it at the top of the

slide and pushed off. Down he went on his cushion,

his hair streaming backwards. Round and round and

round went the slippery-slip inside the enormous

trunk of the old tree. It was quite dark and silent and

last a long time, for the Faraway Tree was tremendously

tall. Joe enjoyed every second.”

There is so many things that could be taken from this book including acting out the different lands that the children visit at the top of the tree. Places like Land of Ice, Roundabout Land, Rockingland, The Land of Sweets, Land of Toys invite silly discussions and favorite adventures.

This was one series I enjoyed reading aloud to my girls each night. (And when my husband read, he had to tell me everything so I wouldn’t miss a thing!)

The book series is filled with magical recipes of sweets and treats that the children experience. Wouldn’t you like to visit the Land of Sweets?

Faraway Tree Lemon Pops

Beth makes toffee which becomes Moonface’s favorite.

Activity Ideas for The Faraway Tree:

  • Plan a sleep-over in a tree fort or under a large tree.
  • Serve some of the tasty treats from the book.
  • Don’t forget the lemonade!

JIAB Tree House

If you live in an area where outside tree forts are out of the question this time of year, check out these fun indoor fort ideas from our friends at TinkerLabs!

The Coolest Fort In Town

forts for kids

Here are 3 great outdoor Fort Ideas for Kids from Tinkerlabs

fort ideas for kids


donna a

Donna Ashton is the creator and founder of The Waldorf Connection.  Her goal is to provide guidance and coaching for parents and homeschooling families. Created a global community for like-minded moms to connect and get inspired. You can find Donna at her The Waldorf Connection website, on Facebook, and on Twitter.




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