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Weekend Links: A Toe-tingling Middle Reader Mystery Booklist

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It’s time for weekend links! This week I want to focus on middle reader books with a “air of mystery!” There are so many wonderful chapter books available these days and mysteries are perfect for reluctant readers as well. Below are some of my top picks for great books that keep youngsters engaged and wanting more.

The Pack-n-Go Girls Adventures are exceptionally well done books that always engage the imagination of children ages 6-9. The creator of the Pack-n-Go Girls (Janelle Diller) introduces readers to different countries around the world with every book. The early chapter books are packed with spooky mysteries, international friendships, and lots of fun and easy multicultural learning. Here’s a bit about Pack-n-Go Girls to get you started:

Carolyn at The Wise Owl Factory did some wonderful reviews of PNGG books on her site including The Mystery of the Secret Room

Paack-n-Go Girls

And the Mystery of the Ballerina’s Ghost.


The Curse of the Were-Hyena by Bruce Hale: My Head Elf, Becky, has been a Bruce Hale fan since last year when she read School for Spies. The most recent book, The Curse of the Were-Hyena sounds just as entertaining and action packed!

“Mr. Chu, the coolest teacher ever, has developed some very unusual habits, like laughing hysterically for no reason, sniffing people’s homework, and chasing chickens. When best friends Carlos and Benny decide to find out what’s happening to him, they get caught up in some moonlight madness. And it looks like just the beginning of the weirdness that has arrived in the town of Monterrosa. . . . This first entry in a silly, sassy, and suspenseful new series will leave readers howling with laughter.” Read her full review here.

The Case of the Missing Museum Archives  is a great pick from reviewer Saba Negash-Taylor


Mia at Pragmaticmom has a wonderful Diversity Mystery Booklist for Kids 

Diversity Mystery Books for Kids

A few years back I was in the mood for a good mystery and it seemed to me that kidlit mystery books these days just keep getting better and better. SO I went ahead and created a JIAB “air of mystery” booklist that will not only keep your little sleuths reading, but offer up activities to compliment those books as well.

Mystery Booklist

LOVE this Mystery Books for Middle Schoolers via The Jenny Evolution!

mystery chapter books

What great mystery chapter books for middle readers do YOU recommend?

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  1. Oooh! Mysteries are my favorite. I love reading them with my son. We’ll be referring to this list all summer long. Thanks for sharing!

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