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Weekend Links: #Kidlit books that make us want to head for the forest

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Welcome to weekend links! I love this day because I get to share the best-of-the-best of what I have found on the Internet this past week. This week the sunning is shining brightly in Maryville and the flowers are in full bloom. Have you ventured into the woods lately? The forest is filled with tranquility, wildlife, flora and sweet clean air…it’s just a healthy and nurturing place to be. So as my desire to take a stroll among the trees grows, I’d like to share some books and activities below that will inspire us all to head for the forest.

If You Spent the Day with Thoreau At Walden Pond by Robert Buleigh: In this lovely picture book, Robert Burleigh and Wendell Minor imagine a special day spent with the celebrated writer and naturalist through the eyes of a child. Together Thoreau and the young boy watch small but significant wonders such as swimming fish, fighting ants, and clouds in the sky. It is a day full of splendor and appreciation of the outdoor world.

Thoreau at Walden Pond

THIS STRANGE WILDERNESS by Nancy Plain. This wonderful books is the winner of the Spur Award for Best Western Juvenile Nonfiction and is an excellent of  biography of John James Audubon.


Did you know that you can tell how old a tree is by its rings? Check out KCEdventures Tree Rings and Dendrochronology: Science Project for Kids 

Tree ring nature activity

Visit kind-friendly Nature Sites Online:

Nature. Play. Trips. by eases families into the outdoors with travel ideas, kid-friendly nature activities, and play-infused parenting
Earth Day Groceries Project – An easy, cost-free environmental awareness project. Students decorate borrowed grocery bags with environmental messages about reuse, recycling, wildlife, etc. The bags are then returned to grocery stores, and on Earth Day customers receive their groceries- along with the message that kids care about our environment- in the decorated bags.

Kids For Saving Earth (KSE), providingEnvironmental Education Curriculum for all ages.
Environmental education curriculum by mail and online for free at Kids For Saving Earth. Environmental
education topics such as conservation, endangered species, rainforests, forests, toxic waste sites, health issues, ecological concerns and more is covered on this website. Earth Day should be every day!

Nat Geo Kids inspires young adventurers to explore the world through award-winning magazines, books, apps, games, toys, videos, events, and a website, and is the only kids brand with a world-class scientific organization at its core. National Geographic Kids magazine (10 issues per year) and Little Kids magazine (six issues per year) are photo-driven publications and are available on newsstands or by subscription in print and on tablets.

Here’s some more great resources for parents and kids for Earth Day:

Earth Day Lessons, Worksheets and Activities

Earth Day 2012 – EnviroLink Resource Guide

Children and Nature Network

Protect our earth by learning to cherish it. I Love Dirt! presents 52 open-ended activities to help you engage your child in the outdoors. No matter what your location—from a small patch of green in the city to the wide-open meadows of the country—each activity is meant to promote exploration, stimulate imagination, and heighten a child’s sense of wonder.


Book-Jumper Summer Reading Series-The Great Redwood Tree Booklist

redwood tree booklist

Concerned that your kids aren’t getting enough “outside time?”

Despite data that shows that 80% of natural vitamin D comes from the rays of the sun, many children, roughly only 23% are spending enough time outside and welcoming the sun’s rays. Most children do not get enough vitamin D from food alone and are at risk of deficiency if they are spending prolonged periods of time indoors. Valarie Budayr from Jump Into a Book and Marilyn Scott-Waters from The Toymaker have combined their respective talents to not only create a clever solution, but also an amazing guidebook to help parents help their children regain their interest and love of nature.

With over 120 pages, with 150 original color illustrations and 48 activities for families to enjoy, learn, discover and play together, A Year In the Secret Garden brings the magical story to life while also enjoying nature and the great outdoors.

A year in the secret garden

With fascinating historical information, monthly gardening activities, easy-to-make recipes, and step-by-step crafts, designed to enchant readers of all ages. Each month your family will unlock the mysteries of a Secret Garden character, as well as have fun together creating the original crafts and activities based on the book. Our goal is to not only raise awareness for the necessity of families spending more quality “unplugged” time together, but to also share monthly activities that incorporate nature and the outdoors as well. Get your kids moving, exploring and playing today. Get access to this wonderful children’s activity book here.


Meet you “in the garden!”

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