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Being BIG | Ways to be BIG and be a better YOU

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What does it mean to be BIG?

BIG goes beyond the basics to show that size is more than a matter of height. Touching on ideas such as health, citizenship, and imagination, this book can be the key to heartfelt dialogue between children and caregivers about the importance of values over valuables.

This book from Little Pickle Press is simple and just plain lovely. It gives one warm fuzzies all the way around and it’s a book we will read again and again. I think it will be a new classic.


My takeaway from this delightful book is that BIG doesn’t happen in one giant leap.

It happens little by little.

Each day we have a choice on how we are going to be BIG and leave our gentle touch on the planet, inside our communities, towards ourselves, and our families.

One little thought, question, action, change every day will leave a BIG impact.

 Here are some of the topics they cover in BIG:
  • Being Big and Healthy
  • Being a kind and good friend in a BIG way
  • Being the BIGGER person and learning from mistakes
  • Being a BIG friend to the planet
  • Being BIG in our communities by being and active citizen
  • Being a BIG help to others
  • Being Big in Imagination.
  • Being BIG on Empathy and Awareness

Something To Do: Exploring the WWW for BIG Resources

Lets encourage our kids to be BIG on Creativity and Imagination! Sites like Inspiration Laboratories, Imagination Soup, KiwiCrate, GrowingPlay, Little Passports, Kids Activities Blog and even Jump Into a Book are bursting with ways to bring books to life and inspire pretend play.

I am amazed on a daily basis as to the amount of truly spectacular people that share my passion of reading advocacy for children. So I want to help broaden your horizons and shine a BIG spotlight on some things that can help your family be BIG. Thanks for being BIG in your own way. ENJOY

Being a BIG help to others: This isn’t a blog, but we sure like the way they roll. GenerationON is about guiding the younger generation with tips, games, and positive thoughts on being a BIG help to others. We also especially love their list for kids on 65 Ways To Make A Difference.


Being BIG in our communities by being and active is a non-profit that empowers, encourages and inspires children to become leaders through volunteerism and community involvement. We do this by showcasing and supporting children who are making a difference through their selfless acts of giving.

Kids are Heroes

Being a BIG friend to the planet: BigMamaEarth-Collectively empowers everyone on our Planet to do just a little bit in their own community, in their own school, in their own neighborhood, and in their own home and acted on together, will accomplish a great amount for our Planet Earth. Your conservation efforts matter.

Big Mama Earth

Being the BIGGER person and learning from mistakes: No one likes messing up, but the secret is learning how to learn from you mistakes. The Proactive Parent blog is a great source for not only parenting tips and topics, but also this great article on How to Teach Kids to Learn From Their Mistakes.

Kindness is always a way to be a BIG help and a BIGGER person in the world. Check out my Kindness Booklist for Kids

kindness booklist

Being a kind and good friend in a BIG way: Sometimes being a BIG friend can include what NOT to so. Bullying is a national epidemic and we really like how the Anti-Bullying Blog addresses this subject.

Anti Bullying Blog

Being Big and Healthy: Super Moms Amy and Natalie have a passion for helping families live a healthy lifestyle through good food choices and being active.

Super Healthy Kids

Being BIG on Awareness and Empathy:

Organizations like, Heifer International, OK Messages Project, Multicultural Children’s Book Day , and Project Humanity are all wonderful organizations that raise awareness and offer support to those in need. These are also excellent opportunities to show the next generation that life is not always easy and we should help when we can because it’s the right thing to do. Pick one (or more!) of these non-profit humanitarian projects to learn about more as a family and teach empathy as well.

What does it mean to be BIG in your family?

Being BIG

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