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Weekend Links: Celebrating National Happiness Day (8/8)

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National Happiness Happens Day is observed each year on August 8.

So what can you do to celebrate? Be happy of course! This fun day is the perfect time to slow down and recognize every moment of glee, joy, delight, and pleasure.  Use #HappinessHappensDay to post on social media and let others know to do the same as well. Spread the smiles!

Founded in 1999 by the Secret Society of Happy People as “Admit You’re Happy Day”, Happiness Happens Day was created to recognize and express happiness.  August 8 was chosen as it is the anniversary of the first membership in 1998.

The Secret Society of Happy People is an organization that was founded in August of 1998 and formed to celebrate the expression of happiness. The society encourages members to recognize their happy moments and think about happiness in their daily life.  They have two motto’s which include “Happiness Happens” and “Don’t Even Think of Raining on My Parade.”  Their purpose is to stimulate people’s right to express their happiness.


So what can you do to get ready for Happiness Day? Here are some fun, fabulous and smile-inducing activities and books to help celebrate the day. Enjoy!

I’ve always believed Kindness and Happiness goes hand-in-hand. If you agree, you will appreciate this Kindness Booklist for Kids.


Ripple’s Effect by Shawn Achor and Amy Blankson with beautiful illustrations by Cecilia Rebora is a look at how one little dolphin can change the world for so many around her.

Recently moved to a new water aquarium , Ripple tries to get the lay of the land or sea, I should say, when the biggest, meanest shark you could ever imagine, scared, bullied and sometimes even ate the other fish.

Determined not to live a life in fear, Ripple started creating fun for herself and all the others by spinning, twirling, and creating bubbles.

It’s not long before Ripples becomes the sharks new target. It’s the trainer, however, who shares a deep truth with Ripples that “Dolphins were made to play and laugh and smile. ”

Holly at Kids’ Activity Blog has a wonderful “Smile It Forward” printable for all ages!

Happiness Day

What better way to “get happy” as a family that to do yoga together! Giselle Sharlow at Kids’ Yoga Stories has a wonderful book called ANNA AND HER RAINBOW-COLORED YOGA MATS (it’s won a Prestigious Family Choice Award too!)

Yoga has such a powerful effect on so many lives, so it’s only natural that many parents want to introduce yoga and its benefits to their children as early as possible. The Kids Yoga Storiesseries offers fun books that incorporate yoga into any routine. The publisher recently received a Family Choice award for their efforts.

yoga books for kids

Check out Giselle’s book and fantastic kids’ yoga site here.

It’s no secret that getting outside into the fresh air and sunshine does wonders for moods and personal well-being. The Nurture Store has 35 wonder forest-related activities to get everyone outside and adventuring.

national happiness day

C’mon! Let’s get HAPPY!
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Experience the magical story of a family of foxes that took up residence right in the front yard of the author and publisher, Valarie Budayr. The Fox Diaries: The Year the Foxes Came to our Garden offers an enthusiastically educational opportunity to observe this fox family grow and learn together.
The Fox Diaries
From digging and hunting to playing and resting, this diary shares a rare glimpse into the private lives of Momma Rennie and her babies. Come watch as they navigate this wildly dangerous but still wonderful world. Great to share with your children or students, The Fox Diaries speaks to the importance of growing and learning both individually and as a family unit. It is a perfect book for story time or family sharing. Not only can you read about the daily rituals of this marvelous fox family, there is an information-packed resource section at the end of the book that includes lots of facts and even a few “fox movies” that you can enjoy with your family. Grab your copy of this beautiful and inspiring book HERE.

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