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Weekend Links: Gearing up to see the 2017 Total Eclipse of the Sun!

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ON AUGUST 21, 2017… a most magnificent sight is coming right to our backyard….the 2017 Total Eclipse of the Sun!

Literally….it will be in my backyard in the Great Smokey Mountains! This event is being called by many the Great American Eclipse because so many millions of Americans will be able to easily access the 70-mile-wide path of the total solar eclipse. Another cool fact is that this eclipse will be the very first, since the founding of our nation in 1776, to visit only the United States and no other country on Earth!

During this historic event, the the moon will fully cover the sun. This event will/can be viewed from anywhere in the U.S , but the best viewing will be found in the a 60 mile wide band that runs diagonally from, the Pacific Coast of Oregon diagonally across the U.S. to the Atlantic Coast of South Carolina. One of these prime viewing spots is Nashville-just an hour-or-so from my hometown.

To say we are excited for this event is an understatement. To share my giddiness, I’ve decided to round up some great tips, resources and even books that will help young readers and families not only enjoy this epic event, but learn something about it as well.

Curiosity Stream has a wonderful video on the meaning of this event and even a fun countdown ticker.

Artist Tyler Nordgren has some beautiful posters and images commemorating the event

How to Make a Pinhole Camera Project | NASA/JPL Edu

Solar Eclipse 2017: Printabables… by Tied 2 Teaching | Teachers Pay Teachers

2017 solar eclipse

30+ fabulous books to read for a space theme  via @measuredmom

2017 solar eclipse

8 books about the sun for kids – Gift of Curiosity 

The moon has been an important part of our history for many years. This month (July) marks the 48th anniversary of the Apollo moon landing. That day holds little snap shots of memories as my family gathered around the television to watch the rocket launch on July 20th 1969 and the landing on the moon the next day on July 21st. Since the moon is playing such a big part in this landmark event, I though I would revisit a blog post that I did a few years ago in honor of Apollo 11 Moon Landing.

Solar Eclipse