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Weekend Links: A Round up of #ReadtheWorldMKB Summer Reads

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There are so many exciting things happening this summer, it’s hard to chose what to participate in! One yearly project I am very proud to be part of the MKB’s Read around the world Summer series. Different bloggers will be featuring and recommending multicultural books on their sites and social media. Its a wonderful time to discover new multicultural books for kids. JIAB has participated numerous times over the years and this summer I am happy to say I am joining in the fun and education again! Here’s my review:

The Rock Maiden: A Chinese Tale of Love and Loyalty

The multicultural location we have chosen to visit is Hong Kong and the book I am reviewing is yet another gorgeous offering from Wisdom Tales Press; The Rock Maiden: A Chinese Tale of Love and Loyalty by Natasha Yim

Summer reading series

Here are some excellent diverse book recommends from other participants:

Spanglish House reviewed Gauchada; a very sweet read about the Argentinian culture. LOVE the illustrations!


This is my Head Elf  Becky Flansburg’s  post

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School is out and our youngsters are settling into a new summer routine of sleeping in and hopefully doing some exploring and discovering. With the hectic days of summer just beginning, oftentimes one of the first habit to go by the wayside is the habit of daily reading.
Reading is always an important part of our children’s lives no matter what time of year it is so I decided to wrap my knowledge of fun kidlit books and activities up with my experience as one of the co-founders of the very successful Multicultural Children’s Book Day and create a unique resource for parents who are looking for creative ways to keep their kids reading this summer. Reading is important, but so is helping our young readers learn about other cultures, religions and traditions through the pages of these books. Here are some great booklists and resources that I have created over the years at Jump Into a Book that will not only give parents and readers great ideas on diverse kids’ books, but fun activities related to books that will bring stories to life!
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