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Exploring Bizarre Buildings and Surreal Structures | Curious Constructions

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If your family are fans of shows like Expedition Unknown and Mysteries at The Museum, you will love one of the newest books from Chronicle Books; Curious Constructions: A Peculiar Portfolio of Fifty Fascinating Structures by Michael Hearst

Among the pages of this colorful, nonfiction hardcover book, readers will get to “explore bizarre buildings, eclectic edifices and surreal structures.”

Curious about constructions? Inside this book, you’ll come face-to-face with 50 incredible structures, including: a fire-breathing octopus sculpture; the skateboard ramp you’d need to jump the Great Wall of China; a whole community of tree houses in Costa Rica; and a lifesize X-Wing Starfighter built of Legos. These and many more fascinating accounts of constructions both fantastically useful and gloriously unnecessary await inquisitive readers, aspiring engineers, and anyone who ever looked at a skyscraper and thought, “Yeah, but what if it had a roller coaster on top?”

Curious Construction

In the mood for a giggle? Check out Hearst’s highly entertaining book trailer!

About The Author

Michael Hearst is a writer, musician and composer who has recorded and released over a dozen albums. Hearst’s has also written and published two other fact-packed books; Unusual Creatures

Unusual Creatures

And Extraordinary People

Extraordinary People

Kids will love all three books because Hearst uses humor and commentary to keep readers entertained.

Something To Do

How about encouraging your construction genius to create their own “curious constructions and eclectic edifices!” A wide variety of craft items can be used to build your own bizarre building. Items like popsicle sticks, straws, pool noodles, toothpicks, blocks of wood, bark, twigs, styrofoam, cardboard, pipe cleaners and even marshmellows can be used to create imagination-filled structures with matching stories!

FrugalFun4Boys has some great STEM building activities…

STEM builiding

Today’s Parent has a very fun video on making a pretend city of cardboard tubes…

and Modern Parents has a great idea chart for building activities for kids of all ages.

building activities

What will you build today?

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