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Tried-n-True Classic Bedtime Storybooks for all ages

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My kids are long past the age of needing bedtime stories (our youngest just graduated from High School!) but on occasion I like to look back on our bookshelves and remember the titles that helped my brood drift off to sleepy-land. And when I do, it never ceases to amaze me how it was the classic books that were the most loved. Here are some of our past favorites.


Tried-n-True Classic Bedtime Storybooks


First I would like to start with some of our favorite bed time chapter books.

We absolutely love the books by Edward Eager

books by Edward Eager

The next genre of books that I really love are those that might be classified as “Picture” books but they are oh so much more because not only do they have great pictures but wonderful stories as well.

Classic bedtime stories

When my oldest child became an early reader she loved to have her turn reading as well. From our bookshelves she picked a few of my “I Can Read” books. The very ones I loved as a child. Though we love many of them as “favorites”, here are the top of the list picks.

classic bedtime stories

I hope you enjoy some of our favorite bedtime reads and feel free to share some of your family’s favorites in the comments below.

Happy Reading!

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