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Little Lek Longtail Learns to Sleep | A Diverse Kidlit Book From Wisdom Tales

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I have been a fan of Wisdom Tales Press book for as long as I can remember. I’ve done numerous book reviews for them and these multicultural books for kids never disappoint.

Wisdom Tales Press

For the past couple of years I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing some incredibly well thought out and beautifully produced books. Multicultural in nature with a window to the world of global wisdom, Wisdom Tales Press sends an invitation to us all to explore and discover our world.

From Day One, Wisdom Tales Press has embraced and supported Multicultural Children’s Book Day celebration by not only being our first platinum sponsor, but continuing to support and celebrate with us the beauty and diversity on this planet by being a platinum sponsor every single year.
Today we celebrate yet another amazing Wisdom Tales Press books and this one, like the others, offers readers all the beauty and wisdom that a typical Wisdom Tales Press brings to us through their engaging stories, beautifully designed books and awe-inspiring illustrations.

This week I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on another wonderful book from this publishing house; Little Lek Longtail Learns to Sleep by Bette Killion and illustrated by Beatriz Vidal.

“I can’t sleep, mommy, I’m scared.” Human moms and dads have heard it many times before, and so too, it turns out, has Little Lek’s mother. Her little Argus pheasant was so gentle, kind, and handsome with his exceptionally long and brightly colored tail. But he had just one, very big, problem: he couldn’t get to sleep. Just like many little girls and boys, Little Lek’s nighttime fears kept him awake.

Wisdom Tales Press

Then one day something changed, and Little Lek discovered a strength that lay hidden within, something that gave him the peace of mind to sleep soundly through the night. Find out the secret of how Little Lek learned to trust in himself! Readers will delight in Beatriz Vidal’s vivid and expressive art. An appendix of fascinating facts about the Argus pheasant makes this book an educational experience as well.

Wisdom Tales Press
Another amazing book from Wisdom Tales Press!

I am also very impressed (and not surprised) at this stellar review from Kirkus (which I know from personal experience is not easy to get).

“Combining elements of the traditional folk tale and an Aesop’s fable, Killion offers a moral tale about how the now-threatened argus pheasant learned to sleep through the night. In a jungle in Thailand, an argus pheasant is born with an unusually long and brightly colored tail and is named Little Lek Longtail by his ‘proud mother.’ As he grows, his tail also grows: ‘longer, brighter, and more beautiful.’ Despite his beauty, Lek is kind and thoughtful, a friend to all the other birds in the forest. However, he is afraid of nighttime predators—so afraid he cannot fall asleep. Even his mother cannot comfort him. One day, Lek sees a man and his son outsmart a bask of crocodiles to safely cross a river. In amazement he concludes, ‘There is always a way if one just thinks of it.’ Lek begins to observe other creatures using their attributes and talents to help themselves and realizes he can use his long, extravagant tale as an alarm … Vidal’s vivid and vibrant art shines. She deliberately omits white space, packing a profusion of color, details, and textures across the pages to re-create the dense, diverse jungles of Southeast Asia. The appendix provides interesting argus pheasant facts … Killion’s efforts to highlight a little-known creature and teach a moral lesson are commendable.”
— Kirkus Reviews

Something To Do

This vibrant and colorful book also includes an appendix of fascinating facts about the Argus pheasant.  Did you know that the Argus pheasant is among the world’s most unusual and distinctive birds?

Argus pheasant

Did you know that Agrus pheasant mates for life and is known to have an elaborate mating dance! Can you shake your tail feathers like an Argus?

Lek’s mommy knew how to sing a lullaby to get him to sleep. Do you think she sang this one to him? What lullabies are favorites in your family?

You are my Sunshine Lyrics....I always thought this was like a lullaby, but the 4th verse makes me think maybe not. The rest is still adorable, though

Happy reading!