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Two Breakfast Table Book Club Reads| Wacky #Kidlit from Chronicle Books

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Today’s post is yet another one coming to you live from the breakfast table. Our family gets tons of books to read and review and the really successful ones, the books that become favorites, are those that get the “The Breakfast Table Book Club” approval!

The Breakfast Table Book Club

This is how is works, I have stacks of books everywhere in this house. Often times there are a few books that have recently come in that just sit on the kitchen table. As the family wanders in for breakfast each morning, they’ll grab a book to read while eating their cereal. I always know a popular read when they ask where the book has gone once I move it to the review crates. “When is it coming back?” they ask.

I’ve always thought that is the true measure of success for a book when readers clamor to read it again!

Book Club: Kidlit from Chronicle Books

This week I have TWO great books for the age 4-8 group. Both books are bright, colorful, imaginative, a little wacky and simply delightful to read. These books were gifted to me from publishing powerhouse, Chronicle Books (opinions expressed are purely my own).

One of the most admired and respected publishing companies in the United States, Chronicle Books was founded in 1967 and over the years has developed a reputation for award-winning, innovative books. The company continues to challenge conventional publishing wisdom, setting trends in both subject and format, maintaining a list that includes fine art titles in design, art, architecture, and photography. Inspired by the enduring magic and importance of books, our mission at Chronicle Books is to create and distribute exceptional publishing that is instantly recognizable for its spirit, creativity, and value.

Kidlit from Chronicle Books | Pete with no Pants

The first book from our Breakfast Table Club stack is Pete with no Pants. The image on the cover of this book is enough to bring a smile to your face!

Chronicle Books
Pete with no Pants from Chronicle Books

Meet Pete.

Pete is gray. He’s round. And he’s not wearing any pants.

So Pete must be a boulder. Or is he a pigeon? Or a squirrel? Or a cloud?

Join Pete in his quest to answer the world’s oldest question: Why do I have to wear pants? Wait, that’s the second oldest. Born from the one-of-a-kind imagination of Rowboat Watkins, this hilarious book (the asides just beg to be read aloud) about finding out who you are features a satisfying and touching ending that will encourage young readers to be true to themselves as it reminds the adults in their lives to support them no matter what.

This wonderful hardcover is filled with hilarious details that are gently laced with an important lesson. What’s the lesson? Well, I can promise you that it’s NOT making your mom nag you to wear pants šŸ˜‰

To find out the lesson (and it’s a good one), hop over to Chronicle Books’s site and snag a copy for yourself. With pants on of course.


Kidlit from Chronicle Books | Barkus

The second book we are reviewing in the Breakfast Table Book Club is another wonderful book from Chronicle Books; Barkus by Patricia MaClachlan.

Chronicle Books

Meet Barkus. Barkus is loyal. Barkus is generous. Barkus is family.

The exuberant Barkus and his lucky young owner whirl and twirl across the pages of this delightful pre-chapter book series from award-winning author Patricia MacLachlan. The accessible text is ideal for even the newest independent reader, while the warm, humorous story and energetic illustrations will appeal to picture book readers as well as advanced readers.

Barkus is a sweet “tail” about the unconditional love of a pet with a side order of pure exuberance! Barkus also helps new or young readers with things like:

  • Inference
  • Visualization
  • Comparing and Contrasting
  • Phonological awareness
  • Phonics

Another wonderful book that can be found via Chronicle Books!

Chronicle Books

Book Club:Ā Something To Do

Barkus is a funny pooch and here’s an easy way to create a “Barkus” craft for your pet lovers from Craft Create Cook!

Barkus dog craft for kids

Before You Go…

Reading is always an important part of our childrenā€™s lives no matter what time of year it is so I decided to wrap my knowledge of fun kidlit books and activities up with my experience as one of the co-founders of the very successful Multicultural Childrenā€™s Book Day and create a unique resource for parents who are looking for creative ways to keep their kids reading this summer. Reading is important, but so is helping our young readers learn about other cultures, religions and traditions through the pages of these books. Here are some great booklists and resources that I have created over the years at Jump Into a Book that will not only give parents and readers great ideas on diverse kidsā€™ books, but fun activities related to books that will bring stories to life!
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