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An Autumn #Kidlit Reading Bucket List {Guest Post by Hannah Rials}

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Guest Post by Hannah Rials

Bucket Lists are everywhere these days so it seems.

From travel to family adventure, everyone has a list if things they dream of doing. Equally as fun as making the list is being able to tick things off as they go.

Believe it or not, I too have a Bucket List. Well, several actually. But more recently (as I view my overwhelming stack of books I need to read) and decided to use the sweet slowness of autumn in TN to create a Kidlit Bucket List and happily check them off as I go. All of these books I either am reading, or need to, are part of my role as a Jump Into a Book reviewer. Here’s the books you will find on my Reading Bucket List for Fall:

Topsy Turvy World books by Wes Magee & Tracey Tucker

Topsy Turvy World
These two books are absolutely charming and imaginative! The rhymes in both are fun and exciting and kind of makes you want to dance. The illustrations are absolutely fantastic and will stick in your head. So maybe cranes don’t conduct a frog and toad choir, but who cares? That’s the fun of creative imagination, right? 😉

Find Your Way books by Paul Boston

Paul Boston Books

Under the Sea is an interactive book journey traveling through the ocean to the Merp’s castle! Along the way, you will learn about mapping skills as well as practice some math. Find the pearls, burgers, and shark teeth that are needed at the castle, but remember that there will always be roadblocks.

In the Jungle is another interactive traveling book, but this time, we explore the exciting areas of the jungle! We have to find red feathers, blue bananas, and yellow kazoos. But don’t forget to be a kind driver as you’re going along and help lost travelers to find their way.
Something To Do: Fun activities that will bring Paul Boston’s books life
1. Here are a ton of map activities to make your map skills even better from Melissa at Imagination Soup!
2. Ever want to try Octopus before? Well, me either. But here’s an octopus shaped pizza so you can say you did!
3. Make a jungle safari course in your living room using chairs, lamps, and green streamers. Wrap these streamers up, around, across, over, down to make an obstacle course to practice motor skills.

What on Earth by Isabel Thomas

This is a fantastically entertaining book filled with gobs and gobs of information and activities to help you learn all about that mystical thing we call wind. How does wind work? Where does it come from? What do you mean there’s different types of wind? That sounds crazy. Yes, my friends, wind is not magic, it’s science. But it’s still fun to imagine.
In this book, you’ll learn all about wind, as well as how to make tools to help you understand it even better. You’ll make paper gliders, wind chimes, an anemometer, a weather vane, and much more.
Water reflects the same structure as Wind. You start off with a few poems about water, learning where water comes from and all it’s different forms, and how to tell if it’s going to rain. You’ll make an iceberg, cloud in a jar, a rain gauge, and learn how to make a secret message with salt and water. How cool is that? This book makes learning about water super cool!
Obviously, this book doesn’t need activities because it’s made up of them. To learn about the world around us, get these books and start exploring and investigating!

Jumbo Stickers Little Hands by Jomike Tejido

Farm Animals and Jungle Animals 
These books have several pages with farm and jungle backdrops to create imaginative pages of stickers! This book provides 75 reusable vinyl stickers, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth out of this book. The stickers are charming and friendly, the perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon.
Peep and Egg
The book is truly a book not only about facing fears, but being kind and compassionate as well. Laura has crafted this special book in a way that it gives us a fresh look a being afraid, and especially being afraid on Halloween. It’s a wonderfully fresh and inventive spin on a holiday that so many of us love.

Another books to get you in the holiday spirit is a new release from author Charlotte Riggle. Charlotte’s first book,  Catherine’s Pascha, is as beautiful as Pascha itself, with words that sparkle and illustrations that glow with the joy of the feast. Her most recent book, The Saint Nicholas Day Snow, took less than two years to write and it follows Catherine and her best friend Elizabeth during a surprise snowstorm on St. Nicholas Eve. The illustrations in this children’s book are amazing!

What books are you adding to your Kidlit Book Bucket List?

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