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Weekend Links: World Rainforest Week Books and Activities

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World Rainforest Week

The week of October 9-113th is World Rainforest Week!

Did you know that: Rain forests are important to our global ecosystem? Rain forests do SO much for our world. They provide a home to many plants and animals, help stabilize our world’s climate, protect us against flood, drought, and erosion, are a source for some medicines and foods, support tribal people, and are an interesting place to visit.

Every year, the Rainforest Action Network designates a week in October as World Rainforest Week to encouraging us to recognize the beauty and wonder of the world’s rain forests. An intact rainforest is worth $6,280 per acre if sustainably harvested; $1,000 if clear cut for commercial timber ($0 five years after a clear cut); and $148 if used as cattle pasture.

I’d like you to think about conservation this week and in doing so, see what you can do to raise awareness at home or in the classroom.

World Rainforest Week Books

Rainforest booklist

Tree of Wonder: The Many Marvelous Lives of a Rainforest Tree by Kate Messner

Amazon Rainforest Booklist

The Rainforest Grew all Around by Susan K. Mitchell, illustrated by Connie McLennan

Rainforest book

Nature’s Green Umbrella by Gail Gibbons

Rainforest book

Over in the Jungle: A Rainbow Rhyme by Marianne Berkes

Rainforest book

The Umbrella by Jan Brett

rainforest book

Slowly, Slowly, slowly by Eric Carle

rainforest book

Sophia’s Jungle Adventure by Giselle Shardlow


Rain Forest By Helen Cowcher


The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry


Monkey Puzzle Big Book by Julia Donaldson

rainforest book

A Rainforest Habitat by Molly Aloian

rainforest book

If I Ran the Rain Forest: All About Tropical Rain Forests by Bonnie Worth

rainforest book

Amazon Rainforest (TIME for Kids Nonfiction) by William B. Rice

rainforest book

Rain Forests ( Magic Tree House Research Guide) by Mary Pope Osborne


Rain Forest Animals by Mr. Maria L. Lopes


Sloths ( Animals that Live in the Rainforest) by Julie Guidone

rainforest books

A is For Anaconda: A Rainforest Alphabet by Anthony D. Fredericks


Amazing Animals: Rainforest Romp by Tony Mitton


Let’s Get Busy | World Rainforest Week Activities

Crayon Box Chronicles has a great activity on learning about the Amazon River Basin

Rainforest week activities

Your Littles will have a ball making these Footprint Rainforest Monkeys at Pinterested Parent

Rainforest Week Activities

Who wouldn’t love this Red-Eyes Tree Frog Mask Craft from

Rainforest Week Crafts

Learn more about the animals of the Rainforest! has a fun list here.

Rainforest Animals

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