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Get to Know Bernardo de Galvez | An Uncelebrated American Revolution General

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Get to Know Bernardo de Galvez

A promise is  promise! Even if that promise was made by Congress in 1783. What promise is that you ask ? Well the one where a portrait of Bernardo de Galvez was to hang in our nations Capitol building. On October 12th 2014, President Obama fulfilled the promise that was made all of those years ago and made Bernado de Galvez an honorary citizen of the United States.

Get to Know Bernardo de Galvez is written by Spanish journalist, radio personality, and author Guillermo Fesser. It is a delightful and fact filled read that left me captivated. Though I have lived and visited many American Revolutionary sites throughout the years and even read a plethora of history books and novels on the topic, I never knew about Bernardo de Galvez.

Get to Know Bernardo de Galvez | His Role in the American Revolution

Bernardo de Galvez was a Spanish general who played a key role in the American Revolution. Without him, the patriots would not have won the war. Bernardo de Galvez, was the Hispanic governor of Louisiana at the time. He prevented the British from attacking Americans from the South and sent medicine, weapons, uniforms, and other goods to the Continental Army on the Mississippi River.

He also recruited an army of Native Americans, free African-Americans, French Creoles, and men form a variety of places such as Spain, Cuba, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Santo Domingo, and Venezuela. With this fine contingent of men Galvez defeated the British at Baton Rouge, Natchez, and Mobile. He launched a very brave and courageous fight through the channel at Pensacola ,Florida. His army was afraid to go because they would be a huge target. Galvez went along and dodged all 27 cannon balls fired at him. When his fleet saw this, they followed him. The British ended up surrendering and Galvez was anointed with the name Yo Solo which means I alone in Spanish.

Though all of these things would have been enough, Galvez launched a huge fund-raising campaign on behalf of the American revolutionaries. He contacted his home town of Malaga Spain asking them to send money to George Washington. The people of Malaga responded to the call and sent all of the money they had raised for the construction of the cathedral. As a result of this, the cathedral in Malaga only has one tower. The other tower financed the battle of Yorktown which ended up winning the revolutionary war for the Americans.

I was beyond thrilled to learn of this story and the incredible contributions that Bernardo de Galvez made to the United States.

It is the author Guillermo Fesser’s wish to share the great significance Hispanics have made in contributing to the formation of the United States. He says, ” I want children form all cultures to go to school and hold their heads high.”

All people and nations of the world make up the America of today. All of us are the continuing story of the US and all are worthy of respect.

This great read has adorable and vibrant illustrations by Alejandro Villen and is intended for children ages 7-10. Every classroom and library should have a copy of this book. Not only that, it looks nice in the home library too.

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What facts would you like to know about the war and about General Bernardo de Galvez?

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