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The Christmas Horse and the Three Wise Men by Isabelle Brent

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The story of The Christmas Horse and the Three Wise Men by Isabelle Brent is the part of the Christmas story that isn’t told.

We all know about Mary and Joseph’s journey to Bethlehem, and the hardships they face. But Isabelle Brent now tells the story of the Three Wise Men from Safanad the horse’s perspective. He describes the confusion, the rough journey filled with perils, and the fated miracle that they witnessed.

The Christmas horse is on a journey to meet baby Jesus! Join him and his animal friends with the Three Wise Men as they cross snow-capped mountains, swift rivers, and hot deserts to reach the peaceful stable in Bethlehem where baby Jesus lies in a manger. Enjoy the beautiful scenery as captured by Isabelle Brent’s stunning illustrations and experience the wonder as the pure-hearted animals and the wise men finally meet their savior and king. The journey of the Three Wise Men following the star is here told from the point of view of the three courageous animals that carried them: Safanad the horse, Gamali the camel, and Simbalo the elephant. Each one comes from a different land and possesses a unique skill. Together there is no challenge they cannot overcome in their quest to find baby Jesus. Verses from the Gospel help to tell the story. Also included in the illustrations are birds connected through legend with the life and wisdom of Christ.-Amazon

The Christmas Horse and the Three Wise Men

Not only does this story portray another facet of the story of Christmas, but it shows the different races of the Wisemen, creating an accurate, multicultural air to this classic story. The illustrations are beautiful, clear, dreamy, and it is so interesting to hear the story from an animal’s perspective.

Something To Do

1.If you are struggling with what to get your family for christmas, follow the rule of three, like the Wise Men did:
    -Something they need 
    -Something they want 
    –Something to read
2. Make edible gold, frankincense, and myrhh:
3. Meaning behind the three gifts:
      1. Gold – the royal metal that signifies Jesus’s kingship
      2. Frankincense – a symbol of prayer, showing Jesus’s relationship as mediator between God and man
      3. Myrhh – a burial ointment, symbolizing that Jesus would die for man’s salvation
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