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Weekend Links | Books and Activities about Understanding Politics

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When in comes to politics and presidencies, both are sporting a bit of tarnish thanks to the current state of affairs. But as mentors and educators we need to keep reminding the next generation of citizens that both contains facts, people and history that all Americans need to be proud of.

So my focus with this week’s Weekend Links to shine a positive spotlight on books and activities about elections, politics and Presidents that young reader will enjoy:

The Mom Gene has a great article about 4 Ways to Make Your Kid a Conscientious Citizen 

50 Things You Should Know About American Presidents published by the QEB publishing.

Breakfast table Book Club

Everything you should know about US presidents is broken down into 50 bite-sized chunks. Every president is covered, from the first person to take office George Washington, to our current US president, Barack Obama. Fascinating facts are included on each page, for example, did you know that Franklin D. Roosevelt is the longest serving president ? There are also details about the US political system, clearly stating the changes that have occurred from the 17th century until today.


This is a very colorful book and perfect for reluctant readers. I say this because reluctant readers love little snippets of information as opposed to chapter books. This book is well suited for ages 8 to 12. It has become a greatly loved edition on our breakfast table.

books about Presidents

I adore this If I were President… work sheet from Sweet Intregrations.

ABC Teacher has a very interesting color poster outlining the U.S. presidential election process from a candidate announcing his/her intention to run to the presidential inauguration.

presedential activities

This collection of books uses humor, amazingly unknown facts, and some history thrown in to encourage and inspire an up-close look at American Presidential politics.

The Presidents Are People Too Booklist

President Squid is a hilarious picture book from Caldecott award winner Aaron Reynolds. With a good deal of tongue and cheek it explores the ideal qualities of a good president. One resident of the sea, Squid, feels he would be perfect for the job. Why you ask ? Well because he lives in a big house, know a lot about lots of things, does all the talking, bosses people around, but mostly importantly, he wears a tie. That’s all anyone needs to be president right?

President's Day Books

Here’s the link to more Presidential Fun Kit to create all these fun Election-themed activities.

Presidential Fun Kit

What types of Election/Presidential activities has your family experienced?

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