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Multilingual Story Books for Kids from Language Lizard

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Jump Into a Book has a wonderful Multilingual Story Books for Kids resource to share that comes from a Multicultural Children’s Book Day (MCBD) Bronze Sponsor. Language Lizard offers bilingual books in 50+ languages, multilingual audio products, multicultural book sets and more. We are so excited to have them be part of our 1/27/18 online event!

Many of our supporters and readers (for both JIAB and MCBD) request dual language books that consiste of both English and a secondary language of choice. I know from the view point of my own bilingual family that I have spent hours scouring library shelves and bookstores doing the very same thing.

Language Lizard was created by president and founder Anneke Forzani to support multicultural families and educators working in diverse schools by providing and creating resources which fostered inclusive classrooms and confident and compassionate children. To date, Language Lizard offers bilingual books in 50+ languages, multilingual audio products, multicultural book sets & posters, and other resources for diverse classrooms. Teachers may download free multicultural lesson plans at You can read more about this innovative diverse book company on the MCBD Medallion Level Sponsorship Page.

Language Lizard

I was sent the book Deepak’s Diwali. This very beautiful book with an absolutely engaging story is written in the dual languages of Polish and English.

What an absolute thrill it was to see polish written sharing a Hindu story of celebration. Though I have heard Polish spoken many times, I’ve never seen it written. It is such a fun and engaging activity to sit with a book that I can understand and then look above to see how it shared in a language I don’t know at all. It totally captivated me. I enjoyed discovering what words were similar or different between English and Polish. I never had to worry that I wouldn’t understand the story because there it was.

The story itself Deepak’s Diwali, is a delightful retelling of the ancient Hindu story of Rama, his wife Sita and the demon king, Ravana. No worries though Hanuman the monkey warrior defeats the demon king in the end. Is what makes this story so delightful is that we are front row and center preparing for Diwali. Many things don’t work out as planned such as the sparklers, the fairy lights don’t work, etc……in the end Diwali comes and brings the light to the darkness. In the back of the book are a couple of recipes to make Mango Lassi, a drink and Halwa a yummy sweet. Also there are 4 Rangoli patterns in the back of book for you to make your very own decorative patterns in the front of your house just like Deepak or enjoy drawing and coloring them on a piece of paper.

To find out more about this book and what languages it comes in please go to their website.

Click on this specific title and you will see a full description along with the languages it is translated into. The books are well thought out and have a very high quality about them.

More About This Great Resource

Language Lizard has a large selection of dual language books in English plus over 50 languages. Even if you are not a dual language family, it is such an easy and entertaining way to explore other cultures, languages, and literary. It expands our minds and bridges culture while learning new stories and languages into our awareness. It’s helps children welcome and appreciate diversity.

Many people are immigrants to the US or the grandparents are immigrants to the US. By using dual language books it helps promote the home language and culture. Dual language books also help students and families from non-English speaking households to feel more welcome.

Along with dual language books with a wide variety of stories and reading levels, Language Lizard has consulted with teachers to provide lesson plans.

From their brochure:

“Worried about not being able to read or pronounce the words of the second language in the book ?Something very exciting is that Language Lizard has an award winning device called the Penal Audio recorder. It brings sound to paper. Penal is an award-winning digital audio pen that promotes reading, speaking and listening for a diverse student population. PENpal supports differentiated instruction and inclusiveness. Listen to content in many languages by simply touching the pen to interactive books, charts, labels and other learning resource. Record your own narrative, music or sound effect with Recordable Labels. “

Language Lizard has also created many PENpal Products and exclusive interactive sets in many languages.

I also thing it is exceptionally unique that they have special Multilingual Posters for classrooms with topics like way to say welcome to the class, thank you and hello? Check them out here.

Multilingual class posters

The languages they offer their books and products in are: Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian,Czech, Farsi,French,German,Greek,Gujarati,Haitian-Creole, Hebrew, Hindi, Hmong, Hungarian, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Kurdish,Lithuanian,Malayalam,Nepali,Panjabi,Polish,Portuguese,Romanian,Russian,Scottish Gaelic, Shona,Somali,Spanish,Swahili,analog,Tamil,Thai,Turkish,Twi.Urdu,Vietnamese,Welsh,Yoruba

I know so many of you will be beyond thrilled to have discovered Language Lizard. Once again I thank them for sponsoring Multicultural Children’s Book Day and for providing impeccable resources supporting bi-lingual and multilingual families and classrooms.

Multilingual Story Books for Kids from Language Lizard

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    I hope you can join us tonight for our Twitter Party from 9-10pm EST using hashtag: #ReadYourWorld. We will be giving away hundreds of diverse children’s books in the form of 13 book bundles.

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