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Introduce young crafters to embroidery | Stitching with Jane Foster

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Kids and crafts go hand-in-hand and simple introductions to new skills are the best way to open the door to new loves that will follow them into adulthood.

Experts say that adults who do crafts benefit in many ways since the effects of flow when creating something are similar to those of meditation. Imagine what crafting and creating can do for bored and anxious kids!

Hand embroidery is an easy and pleasurable skill to learn if you have an interest in learning it.  Stitching with Jane Foster is a delightful book that will introduce young crafters to embroidery with the quick and easy cross-stitch sewing projects. This book is full of fun, bright and easy-to-follow hand stitching activities to keep little hands busy for hours.

I also appreciated that Stitching is spiral bound so it can lay flat when picking out activities or just perusing the book in general. The designs are perforated so they can pop out of the book easily and are made of sturdy cardboard as well. Parents are going to want to invest in some yarn needles (not sharp or pointy) and some lightweight acrylic yarn in a variety of colors.

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Stitching with Jane Foster offers 37 quick and easy cross-stitch sewing cards with punched holes for easy stitching. Readers will also receive a 36-page project book featuring instructions for designing your own unique stitching patterns and color combinations.

Gather up your tool and, with some help from Jane, you’ll get started on learning the basics of stitching, including the straight stitch, cross-stitch, back-stitch, and many others. Once you’re confident in your stitching ability, enjoy the project gallery which shows off examples of how to use your stitched cards: everything from bookmarks and journals to greeting cards and ornaments.

The stitching patterns taught in Stitching with Jane Foster are simple enough for children to work with, and promote growth and development, hand-eye coordination, and creativity and imagination.

Jane Foster is an illustrator, author, and textile designer in Devon, UK. She designs, draws, screen prints, and sews from her home studio. Her website is filled with delightful gifts that showcase her talent.



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