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It’s all about Chickens and Pillows | New Picture Books from Laura Gehl

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Who doesn’t love chickens? Or pillows? I know both bring a smile to my face 🙂

Apparently, Author Laura Gehl thought so as well because her two new picture books for kids is aaalllll about chickens…and pillows.

My Pillow Keeps Moving! by author Laura Gehl and Illustrator Christopher Weyant.

Jackie is a sweet pup who has just found a cozy new forever home. Oddly enough, her new owner found her in a pillow shop where she was (illegally) taking a snooze on a pile of cushions. Her new owner takes his new dog pillow home and Jackie realizes she will need to be clever if she wants to fool her new master and keep her new home.

My Pillow Keeps Moving!

In the meantime, her new owner is perplexed why his new dog pillow keeps moving and even tries to return her it. Jackie is determined to preserve her new home and begins to impersonate her Person’s favorite things. From pillows and sweaters to a jacket (a gassy one!) and a footstool, Jackie does her best to be everything but herself until ultimately she and her Human decided she best at being Jackie the dog.

A sweet story with humorous text and delightful illustrations, Gehl and Weyant’s expressive characters will leave you readers giggling and clamoring “read it again!” Grab your copy via Laura’s site here. For ages 4-8.

I Got a Chicken for My Birthday by Laura Gehl and illustrator Sarah Horne

“What a birthday girl wants more than anything from her Abuela are tickets to the amusement park. Instead, she gets a chicken. But this chicken is no ordinary chicken; it has plans! With a lot of hard work and help from lots of other animals, this chicken may just end up building the girl the best birthday gift ever!”

Gifts, like friends, can surprise us. And sometimes what (or who) we think we want is not as good as what we get. The trick is seeing the gift that every gift truly is. This lesson is brought to life in the very colorful and funny book from author  Laura Gehl. When a comically drawn chicken is revealed as the gift for young Ana, her disappointment is palpable. Especially since her desired gift had more to do with amusement parks, not poultry.

But this is no ordinary chicken. Ana’s chicken prefers cotton candy, doesn’t have time to lay eggs and makes lists.

Apparently, this silly chicken also has a plan and a knack for building amusement centers. So Ana and her chicken “hatch” a plan that has a herd of animal friends “scrambling” to help. I predict that readers will be egg-cited to see how this book ends and it won’t disappoint!

Happy Reading!

Something To Do

DIY Mini Roller Coaster Craft for Kids.

Pretzel roller coaster

How cute is this? With the directions for Croqzine and a bunch of Snyders of Hanover Pretzels, you readers can pull the amusement center from A Got a Chicken for My Birthday to life on their own dining room table! Get the full instructions here.

The STEM-friendly Rube Goldberg project always reminds me a little of carnival rides as well. has not one…but 16 Cool Rube Goldberg Machine Ideas! 

Rube Goldberg activities

Named after American cartoonist and inventor Rube Goldberg (1883–1970), Rube Goldberg Machine is a deliberately over-engineered or overdone machine that performs a very simple task in a very complicated fashion, usually including a chain reaction. Read the whole article here.

If you are looking for a fun digital and interactive children’s story inspired by a kids’ classic story, you will love The Ultimate Guide to Charlie out into the World.

Enter a world where collaborative play is woven into the fabric of our everyday family life. The Ultimate Guide to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory will open the door to transforming relationships, encouraging new perspectives, and indulging in the happiness and the joy of innovating with your children.

Who is Charlie? The Ultimate Guide to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is an interactive, adventure that leads us through the Chocolate Factory with stops along the way to create, laugh, and learn. It reawakens the passion and idea of “jumping” inside the pages of this book with the knowledge that each chapter is a gateway into a magical world. Now available on iTunes, it’s your opportunity to truly experience where art, literature and technology meet allowing you to feel the story like never before.

Charlie was born of a unique collaboration between co-authors Valarie Budayr and Roscoe Welply, this dynamic duo along with Kite Readers have crafted an enchanting world that leaps from the pages, and coaxes the reader to immerse themselves in the adventures that await them at the Chocolate Factory.

What You Can Expect with Charlie:

  • A bridge between the “plugged” and “unplugged” world for families
  • A book that brings families together reading and enjoying their imaginations.
  • Creation of an atmosphere where reading becomes a family event instead of a solitary act.
  • The option to educate, inform, and entice children to want to know more about the world they live in.
  • The delight of pulling the story off the pages, and the act of bringing the pages to LIFE.

Gather your family and come along on a magical journey into one of the most beloved children’s books of all time to experience a story like never before. You will have a front row seat to this delightfully illustrated and fabulously written children’s enhanced digital e-book that will come to life with not only a great story, but over 20 activities and crafts that will spark their imagination and awaken their inner child.

Are you ready for an adventure? Enter HERE to start the Charlie experience or grab your download on iTunes.

Disclaimer: This book is not affiliated or associated with the author, publisher, or distributors of Roald Dahl’s book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.