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Wally the Wayward Sea Turtle: A #PictureBook About Choices, Mistakes, and Saving Grace 

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When it comes to reviewing quality picture books here at Jump Into a Book, nothing makes me happier than to find a beautiful one with an equally beautiful and relevant message.

This is the case with Wally the Wayward Sea Turtle: A Story About Choices, Mistakes, and Saving Grace by Laura Joy Pewitt.

Wally the Wayward Sea Turtle

The story is about a newly-hatched sea turtle who instinctively begins his journey from sand to water by following the light of the moon.

Somewhere along the way, Wally finds himself off course and mistakenly sets path towards the glow of a streetlamp. Wally follows the glow of a streetlight and mistakenly heads off in the wrong direction, where trouble awaits.

Wally the Wayward Sea Turtle

Eventually and with help from a kind Savior, Wally gets back on track and makes it home to the ocean.

Wally the Wayward Sea Turtle

Author, Laura Joy Pewitt, thought this was an appropriate metaphor for life. “Who among us has never made a bad choice, a mistake that takes us down the wrong path?” she noted. “Who couldn’t use a saving grace when we’ve gone astray?” She now shares this insightful lesson in the thoughtful and engaging children’s story, “Wally, the Wayward Sea Turtle: A Story About Choices, Mistakes and Saving Grace.”

With adorable illustrations and an easy-to-follow storyline, Wally the Wayward Sea Turtle will delight children, sparking an interest in animals and assuring them that needing a helping hand or guiding light from time to time is normal.

“Children and adults alike can be led astray by the things of this world. We are all vulnerable to it, as vulnerable as a baby sea turtle hatchling.” Pewitt said. “The story of, “Wally, the Wayward Sea Turtle” speaks to all ages and its spiritual message is gently weaved throughout the tale. Children will find comfort in the rescue and grace offered to Wally by a kind Savior.”

I couldn’t agree more!  Teachers and parents will love sharing this book with their children. Not just because of the science, but the deeper message about following your goals and helping others. Learn more about sweet Wall by visiting

Something To Do has a simply adorable recipe and tutorial on making Turtle Bread! Have fun making “mini-Wallys” along with his brothers and sisters.

Turtle Bread

Carolyn at the Wise Owl Factory has free sea turtle 3-part Montessori cards which can be found on her Montessori password protected page. The first newsletter of the month has the password of the month for the protected pages on Wise Owl Factory. Sea turtles are so popular now with the summer movie, as are ocean creatures.

Conservation of our ocean species is such an important topic for kids to know. Here are a few more books picks that can help reinforce the message of respecting our great oceans and other bodies of water.

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