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Weekend Links: Re-visiting Miss Rumphius with new activities!

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Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney is a classic. I’ve read it to a variety of nieces and nephews throughout the years, and my own children grab it often. Miss Rumphius is an old friend that we go back to again and again.

Miss Rumphius Cover

Lately, I’ve noticed some wonder new activities inspired by this wonderful classic so I thought it was time to pay dear Miss Rumphius a new visit! But first, let’s recap the book.

Re-visiting Miss Rumphius

Miss Rumphius is the life story of Miss Alice Rumphius (otherwise known as the Lupine Lady) as told by her young niece, Alice. When she was a young child, Miss Rumphius set two goals for herself; she would follow in her grandfather’s footsteps by traveling to faraway places and then settle down in a home by the sea. Alice’s grandfather tells her there is one more thing she must do.

She must do something to make the world more beautiful.

Alice agrees to honor her grandfather’s request but does not yet know how she will do it. Alice grows up and accomplishes her goals of traveling the world and finding a home by the sea.

Miss Rumphius Travels

Still, Miss Rumphius wonders how she will make the world more beautiful.

Then one spring day, after having spent many months in bed with a bad back, Miss Rumphius discovers that the lupines she had planted in her garden had spread to a nearby hill. Miss Rumphius orders five bushels of lupine seed and begins to sow them wherever she goes that summer. By the next spring lupines are growing all over her seaside town and Miss Rumphius, now known as the Lupine Lady, has accomplished her grandfather’s request.

Now a very old woman, Miss Rumphius graciously entertains the neighborhood children with stories of faraway places. Her niece Alice says that she will follow in her aunt’s footsteps by traveling to faraway places and then settle down in a home by the sea. Aunt Alice tells her that there is one more thing she must do.

She must do something to make the world more beautiful. Young Alice agrees to honor her aunt’s request, but she does not know yet how she will do it.


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Miss Rumphius

Something To Do

Here are a few ways you can make the world a more beautiful place and also enjoy the magic of Miss Rumphius herself.

10 ways to make the world more beautiful

Miss Rumphius Write and Color Pages Freebie at the Wise Owl Factory

MIss Rumphius

First Year Teaching Tales has a whole handful of wonderful activities and organizer inspired by Miss Rumphius!

Miss Rumphius

I simply adore this Pipe Cleaner Lupines flower craft inspired by Miss Rumphius from Sunny Day Family!!

Miss Rumphius

Here’s a free How I Would Make the World More Beautiful download with a space to make a list and a couple of pages on which to write an essay about the list from Lit Mama Homeschool.

Miss Rumphius