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Getting Ready for a #ReadKidsClassics Summer Reading Adventure!

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It is really feeling like summer now in Tennessee. The weather has warmed up and we are doing most of our living outdoors. Even the Secret Garden I designed a few years ago at the Knoxville Botanical Garden & Arboretum is blooming happily in the warm rays of the summer fun.

Knoxville Botanical Garden & Arboretum.


This weather is also a perfect time to round up a basket of books, a comfy chair, and some sweet tea and revisit some of our favorite classic tales and maybe even do some “book jumping.”

Here are some of the classics I am currently revisiting and you can view my the activities I’ve created for each book as well.

Summer Reading Adventure

   Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson 


Take a gander at this past post and see for yourself why I think that the Pirates House of Savannah, GA is still haunted by the ghost of Captain Flint! Go here to read the whole story.

Ready to create your own Treasure Island Pirate adventure? As my free gift to you, I have a Treasure Island Day eBook Adventure as a free download!

The Activity Book Includes:

    • How to Be a Pirate
    • Pirate Wear
    • Pirate Speak
    • Pirate Code of Conduct
    • Pirate Doings
    • Flying your colors
    • Swashbuckling Sword Moves
    • Pirate Games plus many more activities and how to’s

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Treasure Island Pirate Adventure

More Recommended #ReadKidsClassic books

 The Swiss Family Robinson by Johann David Wyss 

 Heidi by Johanna Spyri 

Here are some fun and interactive ways to bring this children’s classic to life:

Let’s explore food and cooking ideas inspired by Heidi. Included in today’s menu are:Download Great Swiss Foods from Heidi

Gather more “Heidi-inspired” crafts and activities HERE including my personal favorite; making your own walking stick. To ensure those big, mountain steeps don’t find you off your footing, we’ve provided a little guide for finding the right walking stick.

Download The Walking Stick tutorial


#ReadKidsClassics Summer Reading Adventure Reading Tips

Jump Into A Book Adventures is a time for families to connect together via the books we read. When we started this with our children we started it by reading aloud. First, it was just my husband and I. Quickly as our early readers became stronger in their reading skills we would just pass the book around the room, each person reading a few pages until we came to the end of the book.

Books that we have chosen to jump into we have always read aloud. I would love it if you could follow that tradition too.

A few words about book editions:

Reading the classics can be tricky. First, most of these were written in the 19th century and the English they used was different and more diverse than the language we use today.

Another thing I’ve had to watch out for is that “times” were different and very harsh, unfair, and just plain difficult. In the original versions of many classics, there is blatant child abuse, bigotry, class distinction etc.

For older readers, these are great discussion points and vocabulary builders, for younger readers it can bog down the story.

Is was makes these books classics are the bones of the story hold together even when we take away the very difficult ideas.

When reading with middle school-high school age, I always read the unabridged versions.

When reading with third to sixth graders I like the Puffin Classics or Sterling Classics.

Puffin Classics or Sterling Classics

And finally, when sharing these timeless tales with young children I love the Classic Starts series. It allows for my early readers to have their turn reading and the storylines remain firmly intact.

Please, Please, feel free to do what suits your family best. Book Adventures aren’t about a lot of rules but about sharing special times and living moments from the pages of our favorite stories.

Very Happy Reading To You and Yours,

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