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National Teacher’s Day Books and Freebies for Educators

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In many countries, Teachers’ Day (National Teacher Day is May 8th here in the U.S.) is a special day for the appreciation of teachers and may include celebrations to honor them for their special contributions in a particular field area, or the community in general. Teachers give us so much including boosts of confidence (both kids and parents!) when we really need one.

Teachers can also be a welcoming presence for kids when everything else seems out of control. And though we know we can’t ever thank them enough, we can take a moment during National Teacher Appreciation Week to celebrate not only our modern-day teachers but share National Teacher’s Day book recommendations on Jump Into A Book inspired by the teachers/leaders from our past.

To honor the determined teacher, Annie Sullivan, I created a Helen and Annie booklist. It is because of Annie’s help that Helen Keller grew up to be the advocate for special needs people and a most accomplished woman of her time. Read the whole booklist review HERE and also participate in some activities to learn more about the struggles and challenges of the blind and deaf.

Helen Keller booklist for kids

Who is Henry David Thoreau:

He was an American poet, author, teacher, surveyor, historian, philosopher and leading transcendentalist. He is better known for his book Walden, about simple living in natural surroundings. His articles, essays, journals, and poetry total over 20 volumes. In 1845 in Concord, Massachusetts, Henry David Thoreau built a cabin in the woods and lived there alone for two years while he examined the world around him. Read my review of If You Spent the Day with Thoreau At Walden Pondby Robert Buleigh HERE.

National Teacher Day

Who is Albert Einstein:

He was a theoretical physicist and his contribution to the physics is known from the special and general theories of relativity, the founding of relativistic cosmology, the first post-Newtonian expansion, explaining the perihelion advance of Mercury and others.  He is best known for his theories of special relativity and general relativity. In 1921, he received Nobel Prize in Physics for his services to Theoretical Physics and his discovery of the law of photoelectric effect.

Albert Einstein

Read my full review of On a Beam of Light here.

Midnight Teacher: Lilly Ann Granderson and Her Secret School

Lilly Ann learned to read and write from her master’s children in Kentucky. She shared her knowledge with other enslaved people in a hidden spot in the woods on Sundays when the family was away. Later, she was sold to Mississippi, where teaching others carried a punishment of thirty-nine lashes with a whip. To keep from being found out, Lilly Ann taught in a secluded cabin off a back alley from midnight until two in the morning. Over the years she taught hundreds of enslaved people, and they, in turn, shared their knowledge with others.

Midnight Teacher

Read my full review of this book HERE.

Something to Do for the Teacher in your Life

Little Passports has some sweet teacher appreciation gift ideas on their website. I think this mason jar gift is so creative!

mason jar teacher gift

Freebies for Teachers

Adopt a Classroom

All students deserve to have the tools they need to learn. Together, we make that possible. donate now. Teachers need help now more than ever. K-12 teachers spend $600 a year of their own money on classroom supplies. is an opportunity for parents and individuals to help offset these costs by funding the classroom materials that students may need with a monetary donation. Donators will get classroom updates and even a detailed report of what their donation money was spent on. Such an amazing way to support teachers!

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Free Multicultural Books for Teachers:

Free Classroom Empathy Kit for Homeschoolers, Organizations, Librarians, and Educators

Free Kindness Classroom Kit for Homeschoolers, Organizations, Librarians, and Educators: 

Free Diversity Book Lists and Activities for Teachers and Parents

As parents, we want/need quality books with extension activities to help our young ones unplug and create memories. Pulling books from shelves, and stories from pages is also an important act that will the habit of being life-long readers. Quality books with companion book extension activities are not only working to create special family time, it allows kids to solve the world’s problems without major consequences. A Year in the Secret Garden is just such a book.

This delightful children’s book that is co-written by Marilyn Scott-Waters and Valarie Budyar and it offers original month-by-month activities that allow readers to delve deeper into the classic children’s tale, The Secret Garden.

A Year in the Secret Garden

Within the 120 pages (with 150 original color illustrations and 48 activities)families will find many activities inspired by The Secret Garden that encourages them to step away from technology and enjoy getting hands and feet into the black earth of a family garden. This book will make a great gift and be the catalyst of many hours of family growth, learning and FUN!
A Year in the Secret Garden

Grab your copy ASAP and “meet me in the garden!” More details HERE!