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Read, Read, and Read | When a Mom, a Tween and a Boxer dog create a Picture Book

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The moment I laid eyes on this book, I knew it was special.
The book had a whimsical, classic and “keepsake” feel to the cover, binding, and pages. Before I even opened the cover and read the story I knew it would be the kind of  book that would capture the hearts of those who read it. Then I discovered the coauthors are a mother/daughter duo and I was even more enamored!
Read, Read, and Read, the third book in the Liv on Life children’s book series that is co-written by actress Elizabeth Gorcey and her 11 year-old daughter, Olivia “Liv” Gorcey.
Read, Read, and Read tells the story of Liv’s love of books, and proves that a book can be a friend and make a friend. This book is not only a fun read for the kids, it also opens up a dialogue between young children and their parents on reading and friendship. The award-winning Liv On Life series features Olivia and her best friend, Bowie ( like David Bowie), a Boxer dog.
Fun Fact: Bowie is Liv and Elizabeth real-life pet and this 10-year-old Boxer is not a huge fan of being read to, but he loves his people so much he will tolerate a story or two.
Elizabeth Gorcey
As an actress, author, and mom, Elizabeth has been creating her entire life with paint, film, and words.  The sweet and charming Liv on Life series was inspired by Elizabeth’s observation of her three-year-old’s ability to spontaneously deliver wisdom and advice to anyone who was listening. Elizabeth dubbed these musings as “Liv-isms,” and each book in the series is based on these everyday insights.
Elizabeth also knew that sometimes kids are the best teachers, and used that wisdom to encourage her own daughter to embrace and use her authentic voice to create a story that would delight and entertain young readers.  “When my mom and I created the concept for the Liv on Life books including Read, Read, and Read, we weren’t trying to teach a lesson. But we just wanted kids and families to not view reading as homework or something they ‘have to do,'” Liv noted. “We want young readers to know they can use books as a friend…and also as a way to make a friend.”
“Liv is the go-to-girl for kids and parents looking for advice on how to navigate our modern, technological world, ” Elizabeth added. “All three books in our series facilitate dialogue between parents and children while also encouraging kids to find and celebrate their authentic voices.”
Their first two books Green is Good and Going to the Park are also based on the life philosophy of this very wise little girl, and the LOL Series has been honored with a variety of awards, including the Beverly Hills International Book Awards finalist in Picture Books for Going to the Park, Purple Dragonfly Book Awards, First Place for Green is Good in the category of Green Living and Environmental Excellence, Newbie Author Award from Royal Dragonfly for Going to the Park, and International Book Excellence Awards for Going to the Park as a finalist in Picture Books, and Green is Good as the Winner in the Green Living category. Green is Good was selected for “Great Kids’ Gifts” in People magazine’s holiday issue as well.
It wasn’t long into our conversation that I indeed could tell Olivia was wise beyond her eleven years. This ambitious and creative young lady has also won the inaugural Gutsy Girls Educational Award and is a regular columnist for two magazines-Story Monsters Ink and ACT, under the banner of “Liv Says…”. Liv also shared that she and her mom plan to create the first chapter book in the LOL series very soon.
When asked to share her thoughts on books and life, young Liv had this to say: “Books and music can change the world, but the most important thing is to remember to be true to yourself and be kind to others.”
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Elizabeth and Olivia Gorcey