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The Iconic magazine Highlights for Children is now a Podcast for Kids!

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The Highlights™for Children magazine has been a staple in many a family’s life since it’s inception 72 years ago. Imagine my excitement when I received the email announcing that this iconic magazine is now a Podcast for Kids! HIGHLIGHTS HANGOUT is the latest addition to the screen-alternative kids-podcast movement that comes just in time for summer road trip season.

Highlights Hangout Podcast for Kids
Highlights Hangout Podcast for Kids

The Highlights Hangout podcast takes kids and their families on zany adventures, fact-filled science explorations and so much more. From what I understand, this magazine-style show offers a unique audio spin on the stories, characters, puzzles, and jokes that millions of kids dive into each month in the pages of Highlights. Personally, I appreciate Highlight’s  “fun with a purpose” approach, and this is just another innovative way to keep keeps engaged with learning during the summer months.  Parents and kids can listen free and subscribe on Apple Podcasts

How the Highlights Hangout came to be

So how did this exciting way to help youngsters experience delight and joyful learning get started? The podcast is produced in partnership with Tinkercast, creators of the award-winning, NPR-distributed podcast, Wow in the World, which is currently the most popular podcast for kids. 

“About a year ago, Tinkercast had just launched our first podcast “Wow in the World”, and much to our surprise and delight, it instantly took off like wildfire! ” shared Meredith Halpern Razner, Tinkercast’s Chief Executive Tinkerer. “We knew we had tapped into something families are hungry for— compelling content that gets kids (and their grown-ups) to put down their screens and look up at the world in awe. I wanted to figure out a way to spread this media movement to families that didn’t know there are such things as podcasts for kids. I was thinking about brands and peripheral platforms that reach kids in the same age demographic and then I saw a post on LinkedIn that had to do with podcasts from Kent Johnson, the CEO of Highlights. And it was a for real AH-HA! moment! I messaged him (we had met at a kids media conference a few years ago) and he suggested I talk to the consultant they had just brought on to help them think about new media.”

Highlights Hangout’s Hosts with the Mosts

Hosted by Tim Kubart (Sunny Side Up, Children’s Grammy winner) and Juanita Andersen (Barrel of Monkeys, Theater for Young People), the show features Highlights favorites “Goofus and Gallant”, “Ask Arizona”, “The Hidden Sound Game” (“Hidden Pictures” with sounds!), and listener-submitted “HangMail” featuring jokes, tongue twisters, poems and wow-worthy science questions answered by Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz from Wow in the World!

HIghlights Hangout Podcast for Kids

The premiere episode “Hang Ten” debuts June 4 and sets the new audio format for the familiar content as hosts Tim and Juanita introduce listeners to a new way to “play the Highlights way”. They will reveal the Hidden Sound, a new sonic twist on the classic Highlights’ Hidden Picture Game, and invite listeners to listen for, identify, and count up the Hidden Sounds throughout the show. Other features will include HangMail, a visit to an imaginary amusement park where they play “I Can’t Believe this Imaginary Wave Pool Has a Line This Long Game Show!!” and where they learn some pretty amazing things about the sport of surfing. There will be a song about summer camp from Goofus and Gallant, plus listener submitted jokes, poems, and burning science questions from real kids that are answered with the help of friends Guy Raz and Mindy Thomas from the Wow in the World podcast. The episode wraps up with the answer to the Hidden Sound Game plus a riddle to solve by the next episode!  
Highlights Hangout will be available for downloaded wherever podcasts are available including Apple Podcasts, and at

About Highlights™

In case you needed a refresher on just how wonderful Highlights for Children is, I can assure you that it is a beloved, global media brand dedicated to helping children become curious, creative, caring and confident™ through engaging content and experiences that are focused on nurturing and developing the whole child.  Through stories, poems, puzzles, jokes/riddles, science experiments, art activities, and more; kids are encouraged to think, problem-solve, and build their literacy skills, all while having fun. Essential to childhood, Highlights reaches children 0-12 with popular magazines (Highlights Hello™, Highlights High Five™, Highlights High Five Bilingüe™ [English/Spanish], and Highlights™), digital apps, toys/games, the Highlights Hangout podcast, and books incorporating classic favorites like Hidden Pictures® puzzles, Goofus and Gallant™, Dear Highlights letters and more.  Because Highlights offerings may be print or digital, purchased through subscriptions, online, or at retail; kids can engage with Highlights anytime, anywhere.
“Highlights is as relevant today as it was 72 years ago for kids, Meredith added. “The team behind the magazine brings such care and consideration for its readers to every single word and every single page. The same care and thoughtfulness are happening behind the scenes of this podcast! We hope it shines through to our listeners!”
To learn more and connect with Highlights visit Highlights.comHighlightsKids.comFacebookTwitterPinterest, and/or Instagram.
Highlights Hangout

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