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Orchids and “Art Parts” | A match made in Kidlit Heaven

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Circular shapes…
Rectangular shapes…
Light colors…
Dark color…
Roughly textures and smooth…

What do all of these have in common? They are “art parts!”

The book Art Parts A Child’s Introduction to the Elements of Art by Kim Bogren Owen is a fun and colorful way to introduce kids to the elements of art.

This hardcover book is for ages 3-8 and the pages are filled with simple text has share details, (in a kid-friendly way) about the 6 elements of art. It also includes blank pages after each element so young artists can experiment with the concepts of line, color, shape, texture, space, and emotion.
I’m thinking parents will also treasure this book as it turns into a tidy record of their child’s exploration of art. This vibrant picture book would also be a great asset to any classroom to add to the art center with materials that allow children to investigate the concepts contained throughout Art Parts. In addition, Art Parts includes an activities page for parents and teachers to expand on concepts in the book.
“Art is Lines.
Straight lines, Curvy lines, Narrow lines, Wide lines.
Use this page to draw your own lines.
Art is Shapes.
Circle shapes, Rectangle shapes, Triangle shapes, Odd shapes.
Use this page to draw your own shapes.”
Author, Kim Bogren Owen has enjoyed a career in Early Childhood Education starting as a teacher, and ultimately becoming a consultant and trainer. Her past training and work experience with kids has given her a unique perspective while providing s her with the understanding and resources to support young children and their parents through her books.

Now let’s talk Orchids

So what so Orchids have to do with art? Anyone who gardens know that these beautiful flowers are art, but Orchids is also another wonderful book from author, Kim Bogren Owen!
Orchids by Kim Bogren Owen

Orchids features beautiful photographs that bring the beauty and appeal of orchids to life. It’s also the perfect book for a young orchid or flower enthusiast, as well as for the parent who is a lover of orchids. In addition to introducing children to the diversity of orchids, this book introduces simple science concepts.  Developed for children between the ages of 2 and 6, the concepts in this books include opposites, diversity, pollination, and symmetry. This book includes a page with ideas for activities that expand on the concepts introduced in Orchids.  These activities include simple art projects, as well as conversation starters to make the concepts meaningful to young children. Here is an excerpt from Orchids:

“Like people, orchids come in all shapes and sizes,
Some have leaves that reach for the sun,
Others have leaves that hug the ground . . . “
The Kim has also crafted a great lesson plan for Orchids that include dramatic play, art center activities, diversity words, and STEM examples. All lesson plans can be accessed on her website.
NOTE: Five percent of profits from Orchids are donated to Reach Out and Read! 

Something To Do With Art Parts

Tangrams are a great way to share the elements of art with young readers. Using the principles of shapes, textures, and colors, paper shapes can be made to not only showcase these elements but to use them in storytelling below.  What are these shapes? Are they cats? Foxes? Are they meeting for the first time? Do they know each other?


Fox Tangram

How about this rabbit? Could we add wavy lines to showcase emotion that this bunny may be feeling? Is he sad, mad or scared?

Rabbit Tangram


After a couple of easy animal changes, these shapes can be changed into a hawk to fly high in the sky.

Hawk Tangram

All was well as they continued to change from animals from land, sea, and sky. It was at the goose where problems arose.

Come read this Tangram tale and find out how they work together to have a happy ending. This story is good for any age. Even my 12 yr old loved it and we all had an absolute blast playing our Tangram game. Read below to find out how.

Storytelling with Tangrams | Something To Do:

This story lends itself nicely to a moment of Tangram play. Tangrams is a very ancient Chinese game using 7 shapes.

  • 2 large right triangles.
  • 1 medium right triangle.
  • 2 small right triangles.
  • 1 square
  • 1 parallelogram
  • textured paper, fabric or even plastic will add interest and color
  • Markers-use your markers to create wavy, curvy, narrow or wide lines that enhance your story.
Tangram activity
Storytelling with Tangrams

Use these Art Parts to create a masterpiece of your own!

One More Thing

COMING SOON! The much-anticipated sequel to JIAB intern, Hannah Rials’ runaway YA hit, Ascension. Book Two in the Ascension series is Clandestine and its already bringing in raves reviews.

“Gripping until the very end.” – Scott Reintgen, author of Nyxia

“Dark, surprising, and full of twists, the Ascension series is a delectable addition to vampire canon. Rials paints a rich and engrossing world of vampires, half-vampires witches– each with their own agenda. Cheyenne’s struggle to be free is one that every girl will recognize, and I rooted for her as she bristled against the roles cast for her by society. It’s the story of a girl yearning to come into her own powers, powers both frightening and beautiful.” ~Maggie Thrash, author of L.A. Times Book Prize nominee Honor Girl

Clandestine by Hannah Rials

Cheyenne Lane never believed it could come to this—imprisoned by her own family, who are plotting to overthrow the vampire Council. Ripped away from the happiness of her summer romance and friendship in New Orleans, Cheyenne is forced to begin her education at Clandestine, the secret Deuxsang University, one year early.

She is guarded constantly, separated from her best friend Anne, and desperate for any word from Eli and the witches. Meanwhile, her cousin Lilith has discovered that Cheyenne possesses all four vampiric abilities—unheard of for a Deuxsang—and intends to use her in the Ascending’s rebellious scheme.

At 17, Cheyenne finds herself the center of a centuries-old conspiracy involving the vampires, Deuxsang, and witches, and everyone is telling her who she should trust and what she should do. Her head is too full of voices and opinions, and it’s time for Cheyenne to make up her own mind.

Is she ready to step into the role she was made for? Who can she trust? Who is her friend and who is her enemy? Is she really a born leader? All questions that only she can answer. As the information and scenario gets more confusing, she knows she must listen to her intuition if she is going to shift the truth from all the lies.

Pre-order Clandestine HERE (release date: July 21, 2018)