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Weekend Links: Celebrating the MKB Read Around the World Summer Reading Series

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Jump Into a Book has been lucky enough to participate in the Read Around the World Summer Reading from Multicultural Kid Blogs for the last handful of years.

Read Around the World Summer Series

Read around the world this summer with great books recommended by the bloggers of Multicultural Kid Blogs (and friends like JIAB!)  Throughout the summer this group of book-loving moms shares great diverse books that will interest the entire family.  Mondays are for ages 5 and under, Wednesdays for children ages 6-10, and Fridays for tweens, teens, and adults.

All posts will be shared on the Read Around the World Summer Reading Pinterest board(shown below), so be sure to follow. You can also join the discussion on their Facebook page and G+ community.

Book Recommends and Reviews from The MKB Read Around the World Summer Reading Series

Lu and Bean Read

The House That Lou Built: Lou has a dream—she is going to build a tiny house on the land she inherited from her father when he passed away. Lou’s land is the connection to her dad that she never had in real life. She knows her dad would have loved her tiny house plan. But when Lou’s mom announces that she’s considering a job in a faraway state, Lou’s dream is in jeopardy. Lou rallies her friends, her teachers, and her extended Filipino family to fast-track the tiny house and convince her mother they should stay put.

Jump Into A Book

The Secret of the Stairs | A Robbie Raines Mystery-

When I first laid eyes on, The Secret of the Stairs, I was transported back to my love of Nancy Drew Mysteries. Action-packed and full of twists and turns, this delightful diverse chapter book will keep young readers mesmerized from beginning to end!

Robbie Raines Mystery

The Secret of the Stairs

Robbie Raines is an inquisitive eleven-year-old African-American girl with a deep love of history and the strange ability to see visions populated by famous figures.

When she’s forced to spend her summer days with her mysterious Aunt Enna in a dilapidated, horror-movie-scary old house, she discovers a dark family secret. A local handyman was found dead in the basement years ago, and his death was never solved. Was it an accident? Or did her aunt commit a cold-blooded murder?

Read the full review HERE.

Creative World of Varya

The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses is a book by Paul Goble, and it is about a Native American girl who starts off by caring for her tribe’s horses and eventually becomes one with them. Read the full review HERE.

All Done Monkey

Agua, Agüita/ Water, Little Water is a Spanish-English bilingual book is filled with gorgeous illustrations that perfectly complement the poetic tribute to the life-giving force of water. Tracing its origins deep within the earth, the book follows water through its entire life cycle, celebrating its dynamism and the interconnectedness of the natural world. Read full review HERE.

Time Tracers-The Stolen Summers #MKBSummerReading

In Time Tracers-The Stolen Summers time disappears and 3 teens find themselves facing the first day of school when it just ended the day before. Only the mysterious man in the grey suit can help Taj and his friends solve this conundrum.

Wise Owl Factory

A Single Shard by Linda Sue Parks
A Single Shard Book Review and Free Student Work Pages
A Single Shard by Linda Sue Park is book for ages 9 and up and set in medieval Korea.  Read the full review, plus access some free printables, HERE.
Discover even more diverse YA, Picture Books and even adult picks on the Read Around the World Summer Reading Pinterest board(shown below), so be sure to follow. You can also join the discussion on their Facebook page and G+ community.

One More Thing

COMING SOON! The much-anticipated sequel to JIAB intern, Hannah Rials’ runaway YA hit, Ascension. Book Two in the Ascension series is Clandestine and its already bringing in raves reviews.

“Gripping until the very end.” – Scott Reintgen, author of Nyxia

“Dark, surprising, and full of twists, the Ascension series is a delectable addition to vampire canon. Rials paints a rich and engrossing world of vampires, half-vampires witches– each with their own agenda. Cheyenne’s struggle to be free is one that every girl will recognize, and I rooted for her as she bristled against the roles cast for her by society. It’s the story of a girl yearning to come into her own powers, powers both frightening and beautiful.” ~Maggie Thrash, author of L.A. Times Book Prize nominee Honor Girl

Clandestine by Hannah Rials

Cheyenne Lane never believed it could come to this—imprisoned by her own family, who are plotting to overthrow the vampire Council. Ripped away from the happiness of her summer romance and friendship in New Orleans, Cheyenne is forced to begin her education at Clandestine, the secret Deuxsang University, one year early.

She is guarded constantly, separated from her best friend Anne, and desperate for any word from Eli and the witches. Meanwhile, her cousin Lilith has discovered that Cheyenne possesses all four vampiric abilities—unheard of for a Deuxsang—and intends to use her in the Ascending’s rebellious scheme.

At 17, Cheyenne finds herself the center of a centuries-old conspiracy involving the vampires, Deuxsang, and witches, and everyone is telling her who she should trust and what she should do. Her head is too full of voices and opinions, and it’s time for Cheyenne to make up her own mind.

Is she ready to step into the role she was made for? Who can she trust? Who is her friend and who is her enemy? Is she really a born leader? All questions that only she can answer. As the information and scenario gets more confusing, she knows she must listen to her intuition if she is going to shift the truth from all the lies.

Pre-order Clandestine HERE (release date: July 21, 2018)