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Middle Reader Adventure : Discovering the Travels with Gannon and Wyatt series

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In the tradition of historic explorer journals kept by explorers such as Lewis and Clark, Dr. David Livingstone, and Captain James Cook, the Travels with Gannon and Wyatt series takes us around the world in grand explorer style. When discovering the Travels with Gannon and Wyatt series, you’ll never know where twin brothers Gannon and Wyatt will end up next or what they’ll encounter on their next adventure.

I’m a huge fan of this series because it opens up new worlds, cultures, and adventures all of which is manageable by the reader. It’s a how-to-live an exciting explorer’s life guide which inspires its readers to look for an adventure wherever they are.

“These books highlight the best parts of the different cultures and open readers minds to new ways of life. Even though we may dress different, talk different, live differently, we all the same inside. We have seen this universally from Botswana to Egypt. My goal is to inspire the next generation to open their minds to explore and the possibilities and plants seeds of curiosity to learn more about these places.”~ Adventures of Gannon and Wyatt author, Keith Hemstreet

Over the years I’ve reviewed several of the Adventures of Gannon and Wyatt books and am excited to share the details of the latest books in the series,

But first, let’s recap:

In this past review, I joined in the Spirit Bear with twins Gannon and Wyatt in the Great Bear Rainforest up in Alaska.


In Great Bear Rainforest we go in search of the mythical spirit bear. Surviving in the unforgiving wilderness of British Columbia Canada can prove more challenging than both Gannon and Wyatt could ever have imagined. When members of the expedition go missing, the brother bravely set out on a search and rescue mission. Soon they find themselves lost in a forest teeming with grizzly bears, wolves, and mysterious gunmen. Guided by a very wise and smart Native American teen, Gannon and Wyatt uncover a sinister plot and must risk everything to save those who are missing and restore balance to the Great Bear Rainforest.

This time Gannon and Wyatt are teaming up with fellow explorer Alana Aukai on their book Travels with Gannon and Wyatt: Hawaii. When an ancient map is found on a drowning archeologist, the explorers shift their focus to the secrets the map holds and go on an adventure to rarely visited parts of the islands of Hawaii. As the story takes a turn when they discover that the secret the map holds is to the secret burial site of King Kamehameha the Great. The adventure takes a turn as they learn that someone is after the map at any cost, even to them and their lives.

Travels with Gannon and Wyatt


Travels with Gannon and Wyatt: Ireland

Gannon and Wyatt

While on vacation in Ireland, Gannon and Wyatt visit medieval castles, climb the Cliffs of Moher, and explore the ancient Newgrange monument. But after Gannon kisses the Blarney Stone their adventure takes a dramatic turn. While volunteering on a farm to connect with their Irish roots, they learn that a deadly blight is wreaking havoc on the Irish farmland. Determined to uncover the true cause, the courageous explorers embark on a secret mission to gather evidence against a ruthless suspect but soon find themselves running for their lives. Ultimately, they must rely on their wilderness survival skills and Gannon’s ”gift of gab” if they hope to bring justice to their ancestral home.

Travels with Gannon and Wyatt: Botswana

Gannon and Wyatt

When Gannon and Wyatt arrive in Botswana for an African safari, they find themselves tangled up in much more than a family vacation. After receiving word that a poacher has shot and wounded a lioness, they set off into the wild in the hopes of saving the mother and her cubs before the poacher finishes the job. While on this amazing journey, they encounter Africa’s Big Five–elephants, rhinos, cape buffaloes, leopards, and lions–only to discover that the most dangerous predator in the African bush is not the king of beasts, but man himself. In the tradition of the historic journals kept by explorers such as Lewis and Clark, Dr. David Livingstone, and Captain James Cook comes the adventure series Travels with Gannon and Wyatt. From Africa to the South Pacific, these twin brothers have traveled the world. You never know what they will encounter as they venture into the wild, but one thing is certain–wherever Gannon and Wyatt go, adventure is their constant companion.

Travels with Gannon and Wyatt: Egypt

Gannon and Wyatt

After winning a prestigious fellowship from the Youth Exploration Society, Gannon and Wyatt set off on a journey to Egypt. There they study with world-renowned archeologist Dr. Mohammed Aziz, joining him on a quest to find the long lost tomb of the Pharaoh Cleopatra, rumored to hold priceless treasures and secret scrolls containing answers to some of ancient Egypt’s greatest mysteries. But Gannon and Wyatt aren’t the only ones interested in Cleopatra’s secrets. Ruthless tomb robbers are hot on their heels, and the brothers must brave venomous snakes, deadly booby traps, and ancient curses as they find themselves on the verge of a magnificent discovery that could rewrite history.

Travels with Gannon and Wyatt: Greenland

Gannon and Wyatt

Gannon and Wyatt Something To Do

Get to know King Kamehameha The Great of Hawaii


In ancient Hawaii, legends told of a day when a great king would unite all the Hawaiian islands. The sign of his birth, kahuna (priests) claimed, would be a comet. And so it goes that Kamehameha was born in 1758, the year Halley’s Comet made an appearance over Hawaiian skies. Kamehameha was born in Paiea on the Big Island of Hawaii. His father was said to be Keoua, a grandson of Keaweikekahialiiokamoku, who once ruled a large portion of the island. Translated, Kamehameha means “the lonely one.”

Another legend tells of a kahuna who prophesized that the man who moved the 7,000-pound Naha Stone would become the greatest king of Hawaii. When Kamehameha was 14, the story goes, he moved the massive rock, and then lifted it and turned it completely over.
Kamehameha grew up in the court of his uncle, Kalaniopuu. When Kalaniopuu died in 1782, his power was divided between Kamehameha and Kalaniopuu’s natural son, Kiwalao, who inherited his father’s throne. Civil war broke out, however, and Kamehameha emerged as the Big Island’s ruler.

Where is the Great Bear Rainforest?

The Great Bear Rainforest is a remote region of temperate rain forest in Canada, on the British Columbia Coast between Vancouver Island and Southeast Alaska.The Great Bear Rainforest is one of the largest remaining tracts of unspoiled temperate rainforest left in the world.

.great bear rainforest map

Great Bear Rainforest Wildlife

The Great Bear Rainforest is home to some very impressive wildlife both on land and in the sea. The area is home to species such as cougars, wolves, salmon, grizzly bears, and the Kermode (“spirit”) bear, a unique subspecies of the black bear, in which one in ten cubs displays a recessive white colored coat.

Getting Ready for Botswana

When you are about to embark on an African adventure, one thing you need to know is what wild animals are in the same area as you! Use the study chart below and see how many wildlife signs you can spot.

Ancient Egypt for Kids: Hieroglyphic Examples and Alphabet

When archeologists first studied Egyptian hieroglyphics they thought that each symbol represented a word. However, it turns out that the writing is more complex than that. A symbol can represent a word, a sound, a syllable, or a concept.  The has a great tutorial on the symbols and concepts that make up this ancient Egyptian language. Use this information to create your own secret code!

Egyptian hieroglyphics

Facts About Greenland

If you have ever been to Greenland, you know that it does not live up to its name. Instead of being a beautiful, green island Greenland is icy and cold. There have been many theories about how the island, along with nearby Iceland came to be named what they were. The secret lies with the Vikings who settled in Iceland and in many different areas of Northern Europe.

Modern-day Greenland has new issues to contend with; one of which is climate change. As Arctic sea ice extent hits a record low, a new study shows how melting changes Greenland’s weather, with far-reaching consequences. The culture that has spend decades adapting to their icy conditions is now having to contend with the rapidly melting Greenland ice sheet. In 2016, satellite observations published by the U.S. National Snow and Ice Data Center on Tuesday reveal that Arctic sea ice covered an area of just 4.63 million square miles (12 million square kilometers). That’s about 5 percent lower than the previous record low, set in May 2004, and more than 10 percent lower than the average sea ice extent from 1981 to 2010. According to National Geographic, in a century or two, it could very well be that the globe will make more sense and Iceland and Greenland will better resemble the names they were given a thousand years ago.

Happy adventuring!

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