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Weekend Links: #Kidlit Books about Endangered Animals

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What if our world had no more beautiful pandas to appreciate? What if the only elephants and white rhinos on the earth were the ones left in zoos? What if our tropical rainforests disappeared and took all of the unique and precious wildlife with it?

Unfortunately, this is not pretend thinking. All of this things are on the brink of happening within the next 20 years.

So how can we help? We can educate the next generation and the best way to do that is through books. For this weeks’ Weekend Links, I’d like to share all of the wonderful picture books available that honor endangers animals in the world. Happy reading!

#Kidlit Books about Endangered Animals

Candlewick Books proudly offers their book, Endangered Animals: A 3D Pocket Guide Illustrated by Sarah Young

Humans are increasing the rate of extinction by up to 10,000 times — and here is a compelling look at some of the most endangered animals. What if the world had no more giant pandas? Or Siberian tigers, Asian elephants, or Sumatran orangutans? Would the ocean be the same without leatherback turtles or Hector’s dolphins? Explore these and six more species in a guide with a helpful glossary in this book. Grab your copy here.

Celebrating animals and other wildlife, The Lonely Polar BearSnowy: The Leopard of the High Mountains, and Giant: The Panda of the Enchanted Forest also come with an inspirational message.

Teaching children about environmental awareness issues can be challenging, especially when dealing with complex issues. Three new children’s picture books from Happy Fox Box introduce important environmental issues in a gentle fashion.

These books captured my heart immediately. Not because they are beautiful picture books, but because they share colorful stories of deforestation and how it affects Giant Pandas, Polar Bears, and Snowy Leopards. Illustrator/authors Xuan Loc Xuan and Khoe Lee provide absolutely stunning images filled with bold colors and movement. Read the full review of these beautiful books here.

Follow the Moon Home: A tale of one idea, twenty kids, and hundred sea turtles by Philippe Cousteau and Deborah Hopkinson maybe a long title, but the book is a quick and delightful read for kids.

Follow the Moon Home

The book also have some great suggestions on learning more about Loggerheads and other sea turtles.
Read the full review here.

National Service Center for Environmental Publications (NSCEP ) has a downloadable Save Our Species Endangered Species Coloring Book

Melissa Ringstaff has a wonderful post that shares 10 Books About Endangered Animals

books about endangered animals
Small and Tall Tales of Extinct Animals by Hélène Rajcak (Illustrator), Damien Laverdunt is a fascinating journey around the world of extinct animals, combining cartoons with naturalist drawings, and mythology with science.
books about endangered animals
World Wildlife Fund, in collaboration with the London Zoological Society, recently published a study entitled, “Living Planet Report 2014,” that addresses the fact of global species loss. Overall, the report deduced that in the past 40 years, the world has lost a stunning 52 percent of wildlife.
endangered animal infographic
What can YOU do to protect our world’s vanishing animals?

One More Thing..,

Does your heart long to roam? Find new adventures? Maybe even go on a Pilgrimage?

Evans Bowen’s new book, Pilgrimage: A Modern Seeker’s Guide, speaks to those who crave spiritual travel and soul-seeking adventures.

“A pilgrimage creates a sacred space where your physical body and heart can meet and meld into one. As the sacred space opens more light shines in and new vistas, ideas, languages, and experiences bring you to a new place in your life you could never imagine before.”
A tradition of all religions, Pilgrimage is a journey to sacred sites as an act of devotion and dedication. It is time to expand the definition of Pilgrimage to inform modern life. Taking time to visit a place near home or around the globe, to open the mind and heart to the Divine, brings healing and new meaning to life. Pilgrimage is both an external journey to a place longed for and an internal journey to the center of our most authentic self.
Each part of the journey, from the first desire to visit a holy place, to the return home to integrate the experience, becomes the pilgrimage to expand our world, both body and soul. Combining practical steps for the physical journey and 40 days of inspiration for the spirit, this guidebook gives this time-honored journey to the Divine to inform the whole person in our increasingly fragmented world.

Click here to view deeper details on this beautiful new book.