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4 Awesomely BIG books for SMALL humans

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Is it bedtime yet? Yes? No? Does it matter?

No! Anytime is a good time to read BOOKS!

Big books, little books, books of any size.

Pick one. No, pick TWO. How about FOUR?


4 Awesomely BIG books for SMALL humans. Enjoy!

I Sleep in a BIG BED by Maria van Lieshout

picture books for kids

Every child’s life is filled with milestones.

Some happen easily; others need a little extra push to “get there.” Artist and mom, Maria van Lieshout, knows this for an absolute fact! Drawing from her own personal experiences, she’s created a wonderful series of books including her latest from the Big Kid Power series published by Chronicle Books comes I Sleep in a BIG BED. This book and others in her Big Kid Power series are perfect for the kids that are on the brink of major change and the parents and caregivers who love them. Simple and funny, this hardcover easy reader picture book will support and encourage young readers so they can proclaim “I’m a Big Kid!”

Sylvia Long’s BIG BOOK for Small Children

Sylvia Long has been creating bestselling children’s books for more than 25 years. Her edition of Mother Goose rhymes is a modern classic, and Sylvia Long’s Big Book for Small Children, her latest compendium, is destined to become another nursery staple. From beloved stories like “The Three Little Pigs” and important early childhood concepts (colors, counting, ABCs) to her own family’s favorite recipes and lullabies, this warm, joyous, and comprehensive collection is the perfect start to every child’s library.

This 104-page picture book (hardcover) is perfect for some quiet time reading with 2-4-year-olds and makes old school nursery rhyme-loving moms and dads giddy with glee. Grab your copy on Amazon or on the Chronicle Books website.

Cycle City by Alison Farrell

Tour around town on all kinds of bikes!

When little Etta the Elephant goes to her Aunt Ellen’s house, she takes a journey through bicycle-filled Cycle City, a town filled with bikes of all kinds! At the end of the day, a special surprise awaits Etta—the most amazing bicycle parade imaginable. Detail-rich illustrations in this fun seek-and-find book paint the colors of this unusual town where everyone rides some kind of bike—whether a penny-farthing, a two-wheeled unicycle, or a conference bike, everyone is on wheels! Packed with prompts and lots to see on every page, this is a sweet story for the sharpest of eyes. For ages 2-5 years. Hardcover. Grab your copy on Amazon.

Big Bunny by Rowboat Watkins

The book title says it all! Kind of.

“Watkin’s glee in crafting a near anarchic tale is infectious.”-Kirkus Reviews

Once upon a time there was a book about . . .
Nope . . . a BUNNY!
Um . . . well, maybe it was a tiny bit big.

From the curious mind of Rowboat Watkins comes a ginormously imaginative story that is as funny as it is philosophical. How big is Big Bunny? And how will this story end? Delightfully meta and humorously subversive, Big Bunny will take its place as the next go-to story about stories. Grab your copy of this hilarious hardcover for kids ages 4-7 HERE.

How about you? What Awesomely BIG books will you snuggle up with today?