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Learning about diverse cultures: The Adventures of Joy Sun Bear

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“On an ever-shrinking planet, cultural diversity and respect are becoming more prominent topics every day.

We strive for a world where children will feel safe sharing their diversity and uniqueness because they accept others with respect and kindness.”

Joy Sun Bear has been delighting and teaching young fans and parents about diverse cultures for years. But now this inquisitive young bear is embarking on a new kind of adventure; the star in a children’s book!  The Adventures of Joy Sun Bear: The Blue Amber of Sumatra is going to be the first in a children’s chapter book series, about a little sun bear’s magical adventure around the world!

Perfect for ages 6-10.


Can one sun bear change the world?

Joy Sun Bear spends his days running through the rainforest, eating figs and honey, and teasing his sister. But everything changes when animals escaping the destruction of another forest arrive near his home.

If adjusting to new strangers wasn’t challenging enough, sacred figs go missing and chaos erupts when rumors of a curse begin to spread. To help restore peace in the rainforest, Joy sets out on an adventure filled with illusions, danger, and a mystical stone.

Can Joy discover his inner magic, help his new friends, and accept a mission that will alter his destiny forever?

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About Joy Sun Bear

Joy Sun Bear promotes learning about the world’s diverse cultures by crafting a positive, fun, and kid-safe online experience. Through a wide selection of resources, and a cast of characters kids can relate to, parents and educators alike can explore the world with their kids and develop their global awareness with love and respect.


Share the world with your children using stories, resources, and activities available on our website.

You will find lots of information about the world, diverse cultures, global issues, and social-emotional learning through activities and products that help:

  • EMPOWER children to respect and celebrate who they are
  • ENCOURAGE children to embrace diversity and connect with other people and cultures
  • EDUCATE children to be proactive global citizens and take action to make positive changes in the world


Blanca Carranza: Co-Author

The Adventures of Joy Sun Bear: The Blue Amber of Sumatra

Blanca Carranza is a former preschool teacher and globetrotter. Born in New York to Colombian parents, she spent her early life traveling around the world and listening to her grandmothers’ stories. She has visited fifteen countries across four continents. Her passion for exploring the world, combined with her study of child development, created a unique atmosphere in each of the daycares and preschools she has owned and operated.

From international music to food, to art, she brought the world to the children she cared for. Before retiring from childcare, she was inspired to create Joy Sun Bear and his adventures so she could continue to help children be happier and learn more about the world. She has two kids of her own, both all grown up, and lives in Southern California with her husband.

John Lee: Co-Author/Illustrator
The Adventures of Joy Sun Bear: The Blue Amber of Sumatra

From driving tanks in the U.S. Army to problem-solving in the IT world, to writing and drawing cute and cuddly animals on magical adventures, John’s life has been fun and diverse. Drawing and storytelling have always been important hobbies for John. Fueled by books, video games, and copious amounts of coffee, he is always excited to read, watch, or create some adventure-filled fiction. John adores time with his wife and daughter, who provide a limitless supply of love, inspiration, and motivation. Together they live in sunny Southern California.

Something To Do

Get to know Joy Sun Bear!

Learn about Sumatra:

Sumatra, Indonesian Sumatera, an Indonesian island, the second largest (after Borneo) of the Greater Sunda Islands, in the Malay Archipelago. It is separated in the northeast from the Malay Peninsula by the Strait of Malacca and in the south from Java by the Sunda Strait. This island has experienced many natural and man-made setbacks but has always rallied and become stronger.

Read about Joy’s travel journal about Sumatra HERE.

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