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Maxi the Taxi Dog app: A fresh spin to a Classic Children’s Book!

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Anyone who frequents Jump Into a Book knows that we adore classic children’s books in any form. So imagine our excitement when we learned that the classic picture book, The Adventures of Taxi Dog, has been reborn in the form of an app that provides digital experiences that ignite children’s imaginations!


This amazing app, created by Playing Forward, was specifically designed to support kids’ social-emotional development through entertaining storytelling, movie-quality visual effects, and the use of Augmented Reality.

The original story was published by Penguin Books over 25 years ago. and this timeless picture book still remains popular with parents and educators.

Maxi The Taxi Dog

In the original book, Maxi is a homeless mutt in New York City, has always fended for himself. Then one day a kind taxi driver named Jim offers him friendship, a home, and a place in the front seat! From that moment on, Maxi and Jim revel in the sights and sounds of the city, and share all sorts of wild adventures-from rushing two clowns and a chimp to the circus, to singing duets with an opera diva!

Maxi The Taxi Dog 2.0!

The new Maxi the Taxi Dog App is sure to be a winner and this sweet story can be experienced  in the form of a  can be experienced in two ways: as a “bedtime story” that can be read along with in 3D and as a much more active “exploration” in augmented reality, encouraging the reader to move around and experience the story from multiple viewpoints. This saves you (and your voice) from having to read the same book at bedtime repeatedly, and creates more playtime with the kids as you explore the story together!

Mai The Taxi Dog

Readers can follow Maxi, Jim, and their new friend Tupa going to the Cooper Hewitt Museum in order to help Tupa overcome his fear of the dark.  Maxi also learning a few new tricks along the way and this book is excellent for Little who aren’t pro readers.  We are excited that this classic is brought to life in such a vibrant way and it will allow a new generation to not only fall in love with Maxi but learn the same important life lessons through play.

One Story-Two Ways to Enjoy

We love how Maxi the Taxi Dog can be experienced in two ways: as a “bedtime story” that can be read along with in 3D and as a much more active “exploration” in augmented reality, encouraging the reader to move around and experience the story from multiple viewpoints. For parents looking for intuitive, non-competitive, individualized play, the Max the Taxi Dog app is just the ticket for reluctant readers! The bonus is that parents can read this fun animated story to their Littles, or let their wee reader explore the story themselves. Win/win!

Maxi The Taxi Dog

How this Digital Experience for Kids Came to be

According to studies, social-emotional development is key to success in school and in life. Playing Forward’s name comes from the fact that the company is “playing it forward” to give every child the very best shot at a happy childhood and a successful adulthood. Playing Forward based its app designs on extensive research in the field of social-emotional learning and beta-tested its apps with over 300 children in 18 classrooms across the United States and Canada.

Playing Forward has now launched three character-driven apps based on books: the Penguin Publishing classic, Maxi The Taxi Dog, a story from Stan Lee’s Kids Universe series, Dex T-Tex, and Lizzy’s World featuring the STEAM-powered character from a new independent book series, It’s Just So... Each story can be experienced in two ways: as a ‘bedtime story’ that can be read along with in 3D, and as a much more active ‘exploration’ in augmented reality, encouraging the reader to move around and experience the story from multiple perspectives.

John Attard and Victor Talbot founded Playing Forward after years of entertainment industry successes — including an Academy Award for Visual Effects. They have worked on 100+ films, television & digital series, Broadway & Off-Broadway shows and more. In addition to the VX Oscar for Ridley Scott’s Gladiator, notable projects include work on Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Disney); The Jungle Book (Disney); Superman vs. Batman (Warner Bros.); Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (Marvel); and Avengers 3 (Marvel).

When asked what makes the Max The Taxi Dog app so special, the designer’s at Playing Forward had this to say; “Our award-winning Hollywood effects team fuse 3D animated storytelling and augmented reality to create an engaging environment for Maxi— and kids — to explore while also learning critical social-emotional skills like recognizing and managing one’s emotions.”

Win Your Own Maxi The Taxi Dog App

Maxi The Taxi Dog giveaway

To celebrate the launch of these apps, Playing Forward is running a contest with the Grand Prize being a whirlwind STEAM-powered weekend of play and exploration in Manhattan!

o The Grand Prize includes air transportation, a two-night hotel stay, a Visa gift card to cover meals, various museum tickets for a family of four.
o It will also include personalized experiences at two of Manhattan’s most unique museums – the Natural History Museum & the Children’s Museum of the Arts.
o The contest’s runner-up will win an iPad.

You can grab your Maxi The Taxi Dog on Google Play or iTunes…OR enter to win one!

Maxi The Taxi Dog app

I am thrilled to be able to partner with Playing Forward; an innovative company specializes in promoting kids’ products and technology – through public relations, events, social influencers, and social media. Jump Into a Book was compensated for this review and giveaway.