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A Picture Book about Pediatric Heart Conditions, Courage and Love

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There are so many lovely picture books available these days that help young readers understand empathy and the courageous struggles that go along with being someone who is “different.”

A Heart’s Journey Home: The Adventures of Eli Benjamin Bear, however, is the first picture book I’ve read about pediatric heart conditions that helps kids understand the bravery and long journey that youngsters who are born prematurely, and with heart conditions, must face.

This delightful book may, or may not have, made my eyes leak a little.

The story of Eli Benjamin Bear and his new Heroic Heart is a wonderful adventure about a baby bear born with a heart condition which sends him to a faraway hospital without his mom. This book for ages K-6 introduces a little bear named Eli Benjamin Bear who was born prematurely and had a heart challenge that could only be fixed in a Human Hospital for Kids.

When Eli gets sent far away from his parents, he finds himself smack-dab in the middle of serious adventures. With love and new friends, he discovers the secrets of a Heroic Heart. With his mother’s loving and secretly coded lullaby in his heart, his father’s “Bear Essentials Code” to live by, and a caring nurse’s lessons, Eli begins to repair his heart from the outside in and then from the inside out.

This is the poem that Eli’s father gave him at birth called, “The Bear Essentials Code… of Life”

But Eli’s rhyming story becomes a race against time when he must beat a pending blizzard to find his way home before hibernation puts him into a long winter’s sleep. He shares his heart along the way, saving a rascally raccoon and a honey bee in need. And then only with their help, in turn, can he succeed in his quest.

It’s a story of courage that I promise will resonate with all children (and grown-ups too!).

“In this children’s tale in verse, a young bear has a heart operation and must find his way home to hibernate before winter sets in… A book that introduces kids to inner-wisdom concepts in an unusual, entertaining, and warm-hearted manner.” Kirkus Reviews

Follow Eli’s adventures on the Eli Bear Stories website.

About The Author

After serving as a lifetime marketing and branding executive for two Fortune 100 companies and his own branding agency for professional athletes (including Four-Time NASCAR Champion, Jeff Gordon), Hal Price moved from Atlanta, GA in 2015 to the small beach town of Carpinteria, CA to put his heart and lifetime skills to work writing and telling stories, volunteering and speaking.

In 2015, Hal realized that the rich, longtime family tradition of bedtime stories were slowly becoming a thing of the past and the long-term implications of children not receiving nurturing, quality time each evening with their parent(s). It was with this awareness in mind that Hal was driven to create a new series of stories that were fun, uplifting and full of great lessons about life, love, challenges, families, and friendships.

Hal is currently completing a series of virtues and values-based adventure books designed to teach important lessons of the heart

Something To Do

Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation

Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation supports and assists families living on the Central Coast, providing financial assistance, emotional support groups and education programs with the help of the community. Families can apply for up to $5,000 for payment of rent or mortgage, auto expenses, utility bills, medications, home care services, counseling, and child care. This non-profit also offers families gasoline gift cards and hospital cafeteria gift vouchers. Learn more about this amazing organization here.

Watch Eli Bear TV!

Your kids will love watching heartwarming stories about Lost and Found Teddy Bears!

Make your own Eli Bear!

Make your own Eli Bear with his simple brown bear puppet craft is the perfect preschool craft to go with the book. Be sure and include Eli Benjamin Bear’s signature zippered heart as well. Get the instructions at CoffeeCupsandCrayons.

Eli Bear Stories

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