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A STEAM and STEM Activity Book Bundle Giveaway from QuartoKids!

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Jump Into a Book has had a long-time relationship with Quarto Books/Quarto Knows and there a very good reason for it; their books are amazing!
Brimming with creative inspiration, how-to projects, and useful information to enrich your everyday life, Quarto Knows is a favorite destination for those pursuing their interests and passions. 
So here’s how also can discover the wonder and quality of Quarto’s activity books for kids…you can enter to win the 8 STEM Activity Book Bundle Giveaway!
Just in time for Christmas too 🙂

8 STEAM and STEM Activity Books from QuartoKids

The Amazing World series transports kids to extraordinary places from the bottom of the deepest ocean to faraway galaxies.

The third title in the series, Amazing World: Bugs explores the incredible world of 20 strange and magnificent insects, from shimmering glow worms and fireflies, to the extremely odd giraffe bug. Every insect profile includes up-close-and-personal, full-color photos of each amazing creature and tons of fun facts and easily digestible graphics.

Kids learn about where each bug lives, what they eat, how they survive predators much, MUCH larger than they are, and so much more! The book comes with 13 reusable glow-in-the-dark plastic stickers

stem book for kids
Dig in and learn about the Earth under your feet. Geology Lab for Kids features 52 simple, inexpensive, and fun experiments that explore the Earth’s surface, structure, and processes.

This family-friendly guide explores the wonders of geology, such as the formation of crystals and fossils, the layers of the Earth’s crust, and how water shapes mountains, valleys, and canyons. There is no excuse for boredom with a year’s worth of captivating STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) activities.

In this book, you will learn:
How to identify the most common rocks and minerals
How to maintain and display your rock collection
How insects are trapped and preserved in amber
How geysers and volcanoes form and erupt
How layers of rock reveal a record of time
How to pan for gold like a real prospector
Geology is an exciting science that helps us understand the world we live in, and Geology Lab for Kids actively engages readers in simple, creative activities that reveal the larger world at work.

Bug Lab for Kids: Family-Friendly Activities for Exploring the Amazing World of Beetles, Butterflies, Spiders, and Other Arthropods by John W. Guyton, ED.D. (AGES 7-10)

STEM books for kids

STEAM Play & Learn-20 fun step-by-step preschool projects about science, technology, engineering, arts, and math by Ana Dziengel (AGES: 3 TO 5)

Preschoolers will love tackling these 20 fun, easy-to-follow step-by-step projects as they learn about STEAM topics (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math). Topics include symmetry and how light bounces to create reflections with mirror mandalas, diffusion and capillary action with tie-dye towels, structural framing and bracing with marshmallow structures, and electrical currents with salty circuits. This cross-subject approach to learning will prepare young children for the subjects they will soon learn in elementary school and beyond. Each project features simple instructions and large, full-color photos, to make each one enjoyable and fun for both
kids and parents.

BRICK BUILDING 101 by Courtney Sanchez: 20 LEGO® activities to teach kids about STEAM (AGES: 5 TO 7)

Now kids can combine a love for LEGO with learning STEAM topics (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) in this awesomely fun activity book! Industrious minds will love learning to build a bunch of different stuff with these 20 step-by-step projects that range from beginner projects, such as a geoboard and DIY slime, to more challenging projects, such as a bird feeder and balloon racer. Large, full-color photos show each step along the way, with simple instructions and inspiration to extend projects and keep learning.
With STEAM learning on the rise, this book is the perfect way to inspire play and interest in the topics kids need to know about!

Clay Lab for Kids: 52 Project to Make, Model, and Mold with Air-Dry, Polymer and Homemade Clay by Cassie Stephens

Clay Lab for Kids features 52 hands-on projects made with kid-friendly clays that get kids working creatively and thinking three-dimensionally.

Squishy, colorful, and infinitely shapable, clay just might be the most versatile art material for kids. Author-artist-teacher Cassie Stephens has created all-new clay projects for kids of all skill levels. Start with the basics of rolling, coiling, and pinching pots, and move up to making “Jurassic fossils,” animal marionettes, monster magnets, and boxes with secret compartments.

All of the projects use kid-friendly, no-kiln clay (air-dry, homemade, and polymer) and water-based paints, perfect for home and classroom, plus there’s an entire chapter of recipes for mixing up inexpensive homemade clays in the kitchen.

When creating with clay, kids are introduced to a wide range of cognitive and manual skills: they’ll work three-dimensionally; make figurative models; use their imaginations in making jewelry and toys; design with color; and decorate with paints.

Unofficial Minecraft STEM Lab for Kids Family-Friendly Projects for Exploring Concepts in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math by John Miller and Chris Fornell Scott (AGES: 7 TO 10)

STEM books for kids

Minecraft + STEM = An unstoppable force for fun and learning! In Unofficial Minecraft STEM Lab for Kids, you’ll find a collection of 48 creative projects that make learning science, technology, engineering, and math exciting for the whole family. Venture off on six action-packed Quests, each with four unique Labs that pair a hands-on activity with an in-game project. Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll create and learn about: Concoct glow-in-the-dark slime; Grow pipe cleaner snowflakes; Design and build a model Martian
habitat; Make a working volcano; Carve a crystal ice castle; Construct a working dam; Design and use a custom teleporter; Build an underwater
oceanographic field station. Start with a lesson on terminology and gameplay, learn how to document Lab activities with sketchnoting, and meet five leading Minecraft experts who share how their experiences with the game have contributed to their success. Enjoy Minecraft together — and harness its powerful
potential for learning — with Unofficial Minecraft STEM Lab for Kids!

STEAM Lab for Kids-52 Creative Hands-On Projects for Exploring Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math  by Liz Lee Heinecke (AGES: 8 TO 12)

STEAM books for kids

STEAM Lab for Kids is an art-forward doorway to science, math, technology, and engineering. While many aspiring artists don’t necessarily identify with STEM subjects, and many young inventors don’t see the need for art, one is essential to the other. Revealing this connection and encouraging kids to explore it fills hungry minds with tools essential to problem-solving and creative thinking. Each of the projects in this book is designed to demonstrate that the deeper you look into art, the more engineering and math you’ll find.
There’s a science to great art. From graphite circuit comic books to edible stained glass, young engineers and artists alike will find inspiration.

A STEAM and STEM Activity Book Bundle Giveaway from QuartoKids!

STEAM and STEM 8 Book Giveaway from QuartoKids


ONE winner will receive one copy of each of the above 8 books. Giveaway begins November 20, 2018

  • Prizing & samples  courtesy of QuartoKnows.
  • Giveaway open to US addresses only
  • ONE lucky winner will win one copy of each of the above 8 books.
  • Residents of USA only please.
  • Must be 18 years or older to enter
  • One entry per household.
  • Staff and family members of Audrey Press are not eligible.
  • Grand Prize winner has 48 hours to claim prize bundle.
  • Winner will be chosen via Rafflecopter on November 30, 2018


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