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A Kidlit book in 18 languages: Womagis-A Word Magician Around the World

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It’s hard to believe that December is slipping away and in the not-too-distant future, we will be welcoming in a brand new year.

December is also pretty much a blur because of the planning and million moving parts that is this globally-known online (and offline!) celebration know as Multicultural Children’s Book Day. It’s hard work, but oh-so worth it!

A Little Backstory on MCBD

Multicultural Children’s Book Day has is getting BIGGER and gaining momentum more and more every day!  Currently, the 2019 lineup includes a ton of and impressive Medallion Level Sponsors and over 40 Author Sponsors with more being added daily. Currently, we a record-setting 775reviewers signed up to review books on Amazon, a blog, Facebook (Pages only-no profiles), Instagram or YouTube. Our 26 CoHosts and Global CoHosts are working hard to spread the work and countless authors and publishers donating multicultural children’s books.

As a Cohost, JIAB has the option of removing some pretty amazing books and narrowing it down to a handful it a challenge!

A Super Magical Diverse book for Kids

With that in mind, do I have a treat for you!

In my wanderings, I came across a very special author and was lucky enough to be gifted a wonderful diverse/bilingual language picture book that traveled all the way from Spain!

Womagis: A Word Magician Around the World by Marta Villegas is one of those books that, once you hold it in your hand, you want the world to know about it 🙂 Womagis exposes readers to 18 different languages including German, Spanish, Arabic, Swedish and more.

multilingual children's book

Womagis is the first book for children written in 18 different languages at the same time. On every page, the position of each language changes, making the book a game at the same time!

multi-lingual picture book

Womagis inspires kids to create their own language, an entire Universe of their own, developing their creativity and imagination while they play. Learning about the diversity that the world has to offer, teaching them alphabets and words from different places, connecting them with other kids, learning together and growing together in acceptance and friendship. Word Magicians of the world!

Why did the Womagis Team write a book in 18 languages plus one?

📚Books let you travel without moving your feet. 👣Where do you think Womagis will take you?”

Every day kids from all over the world leave their country and start a new life in a new culture. Maybe you, or someone you know, are growing up talking two or three or more languages at the same time. Every day, kids in their own countries dream of adventure and learning new languages. Womagis enables kids to take those first steps while they play. And in the process, they learn about other alphabets and cultures in the world. All on one page; all in one story.

About Marta Villegas

Womagis is a project created and written by author Marta Villegas, who combined her love for children’s literature with her profession as a cultural manager. She works as Coordinator of Publications, Paralell Activities, and Training Dept. at the Royal Opera House in Madrid, Spain. Marta is also the author of, The Wizard of the Desert; a picture book published by Random House-Mondadori.

“Children that want to learn new languages can take their first steps with Womagis and in the process discover that there are other alphabets and cultures in the world. “

Learn more about this amazing project, book and author via the Womagis website, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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