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An Exceptional Opportunity for Authors and Book Reviewers

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It’s hard to believe our 6th Multicultural Children’s Book Day online and offline celebration is less than two months away and it all began as a desire to right a wrong in the children’s book industry.

Back in 2013, the original founder of  Jump Into a Book, Valarie Budayr, and fellow mom/book lover Mia Wenjen from PragmaticMom decided that the time had come for a diverse-book-related initiative. There was an overwhelming need for young readers from the diverse world we live in to “see themselves” in the pages of the books they read.

The focus of this very special initiative was two-fold: get diverse books into the hands of young readers while also shining the spotlight on the authors and publishers who create them.

Together these two powerhouse women created an ambitious — and much-needed —  national event know today as Multicultural Children’s Book Day.

MCBD2019 is January 25, 2019

Now as the calendar is getting ready to flip yet another new month, the JIAB Team thought we better give a “heads up!” to diverse kids’ and YA book lovers and book publishers who would like to get involved in this online and offline celebration.

MCBD Sponsorship Deadline is 12/15/18

Sponsorship for Multicultural Children’s Book Day is not only a great way to support this event; it is an excellent way to get your name (and your books) in front of thousands of readers. All of our Sponsors get a name mention within the hundreds of reviews that get posted from December to January 25th and also on the sites of our 24+ CoHosts sites. The deadline for ALL Sponsor sign-ups is 12/15/18.

Our Sponsorship levels also range from Platinum to Author Level and “Friends of MCBD” to fit any budget.

Check out our current Medallion Level Sponsors and Author Sponsors to see what amazing people you’ll be keeping company with!

NEW PERK: Those who sign up for Platinum or Super Platinum level for MCBD2019 will be enjoying the opportunity of providing up to 12 guest posts (written by the sponsor) that can be used on the MCBD blog over the course of 12 months!

This is a big deal! On any given day the MCBD blog gets around 600-800 hits and during the month before and after our online holiday that number triples. Guest posts are also “evergreen” which means they live on the MCBD blog forever. This benefit is perfect for book launches, company news, special sales or announcements of new books!

Again…The deadline for ALL Sponsor sign-ups for is 12/15/18. Get the full scoop on all levels of Sponsorship for MCBD2019 here.

{please tweetAuthors, Publishers, and Literacy Organizations: If you are interested in being a sponsor for #MCBD2019, don’t delay! The deadline to lock in your spot is December 15, 2018. Go here for more details. #ReadYourWorld


MCBD Book Reviewer sign-up Deadline is 12/15/18

If you love diverse books for kids and have a social media platform to share a review on, we want to give you a FREE diversity book to review!

In a nutshell; you don’t have to be a blogger to review multicultural children’s books for our MCBD 2019 online event. You just need to have a love of diversity in children’s literature and be willing to share on your social media platforms such as Facebook (Pages only-no Facebook profiles), Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or YouTube.

**We encourage honest Amazon reviews of assigned books whenever possible as well.

We are thrilled to announce that we have almost 700 book reviewers signed up to review multicultural kids’ and YA books for our event. Get all the details and sign up info HERE. Reviewer sign up closes 12/15/18.

{click to tweet} If you love #diversebooks for kids and have a social media platform to share a review on, @MCChildsBookDay wants to give you a FREE diversity book to review for their 1/25/19 online event! Details HERE: #ReadYourWorld

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From the MCBD Team: As our sixth Multicultural Children’s Book Day holiday approaches on January 25, 2019, we are thrilled to have you as part of our amazing community of supporters! With enthusiasm, optimism, and hope, we are preparing for MCBD 2019 and hope you will, again, join our celebration of diversity through children’s books.

Thank you for cultivating understanding, kindness, inclusion, and exploration of this beautiful world in your classroom.