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Has cursive writing become a “lost art?” Is it destined to be one of those things the younger generation talks about that us “old people” used to do along with writing checks and sending physical Thank You cards?

Not if we can help it 🙂

Back in the day, cursive writing was a big part of our learning curriculum in grade school. Currently, most U.S. schools do not currently teach cursive handwriting, although the lower grades learn the alphabet and words by printing. As the kids get older, our digital age is very prevalent in most of what they do and the keyboard takes over as the main mode of writing and creation.

Many parents and educators are pushing back on this new mode of learning and are finding new, fun, and innovative ways to keep this handwriting form relevant. In Rachelle Doorley’s new book, Creative Adventures in Cursive, the goal is to help kids and adults find new ways to practice their unique cursive skills and signature “font.” For those who want to revive handwriting amongst children and the adults who love them are going to want to check out this book!

About Creative Adventures in Cursive

Creative Adventures in Cursive

Doorley’s adorable and chock full of artsy ideas book is a must-have for clever and creative ways to get individuals of all ages hooked on having fun doing art projects that need cursive script to complete the project. Doorley is well known in creative circles for her popular creativity blog Tinkerlab and her previous book: TinkerLab: A Hands-on Guide for Little Inventors.

To make cursive even more fun for kids, the author puts a fun spin on things with projects like Create a Quill Pen and how youngsters can hone their cursive writing skills while also making gorgeous gifts to share.

Creative Adventures in Cursive

I personally loved the Bookplate activity and plan to do this for my upcoming children’s book!

Creative Adventures in Cursive

As many educators will attest, writing in cursive provides cognitive benefits in spelling, memory, reading comprehension, language skills, and overall academic confidence. Practicing cursive carries similar benefits when drawing; once you learn the basic shapes, you can play with it by creating your own personal style.

Enjoy all 22 projects in this book and I promise that the adults will want to get involved as well. Write on!

Creative Adventures in Cursive


Something To Do

Cursive on Cakes and Cookies:  Using icing pipette bags to handwrite a word or name on each cookie or on the top of a cake.  Great practice and even more fun to eat!

Cursive Chalkboard: Using a small 1.5×2 black chalkboard, challenge your kids to rewrite your grocery list in cursive for some hands-on practice.

Cursive Writing Practice Sheets: Print these off and practice your cursive skills on the go.

Looking for a beautiful and unconventional diverse picture book for kids? Check out the upcoming, Sissy Goes Tiny!

Sissy Goes Tiny by Rebecca Flansburg and B.A. Norrgard

In Sissy Goes Tiny, eight-year-old Sissy and her parents make the bold choice to downsize their life and embark on a journey of living tiny and doing more with less. At first, Sissy struggles to get used to the idea of living in a tiny house on wheels and traveling around the U.S, but as she and her mommy and daddy learn about downsizing, repurposing, and how “stuff is just stuff,” she soon understands that a life of “living tiny” will be filled with the big adventures and learning.

This gorgeous diverse picture book will be available July of 2019 and you can read the full story of this journey here and also reserve your hardcover copy here.

“I believe that Sissy Goes Tiny is going to open so many minds for people! A tiny house is absolutely not for everyone, but we all like to dream and step into the shoes of another lifestyle in our minds. Learning about this lifestyle I think will help people be more supportive of people who do choose to live unconventionally. Sissy and her family are a great example of that.” Co-author, B.A. Norrgard

Join us in celebrating the idea of Tiny Living and BIG Adventures!

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  1. As a believer in cursive, I think this book would be great for kids to use over the summer!
    Why did schools ever stop teaching cursive anyway?
    p.s. I taught cursive using d’nealian and my students a (and my own children) have wonderful handwriting.

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