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Nils and Selma

On my other blog "A Place Like This", I was talking about our Martin Goose celebration. I can never thing of Martimas or Martin Goose without remembering another young boy who had a run in with a goose. One of my favorite books is "The Wonderful Adventures of Nils" by Selma Lagerlöf.  When Selma Lagerlöf… Read More Nils and Selma

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#ReadKidsClassics Summer Reading: Treasure Island

While I was in Savannah, Georgia I discovered a place called the “Pirate’s House.” Once an inn and now a restaurant, I had to go in to see for myself. Hanging on the walls in the Captain’s Room and The Treasure Room were frames containing pages from an early, very rare edition of the book… Read More #ReadKidsClassics Summer Reading: Treasure Island