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Read Around The Continents: 24 Kids’ Books About Western Europe

  Kids’ Books about Western Europe Welcome back for the fifth installment of our series Read Around the Continents! So far we’ve read our way through Eastern Europe,  Africa, South America and North America.  This month we are exploring the reading, books, and culture of Western Europe! Western Europe is the region comprising the westerly… Read More Read Around The Continents: 24 Kids’ Books About Western Europe

book review

A Swedish Midsummer Tale

Happy Midsummer !!!!   Today is one of the most important celebrations in Sweden and around the world. It is the longest day of the year, better known as Midsummer. A Swedish Midsummer Tale by Ewa Rydaker with illustrations by Carina Stahlberg, brings back the famous Svensson children from the book Lucia Morning in Sweden.  … Read More A Swedish Midsummer Tale


Lucia Morning in Sweden

This beautiful book has become a read-a-loud favorite in this house. Ewa Rydåker and illustrator Carina Ståhlberg have truly captured the spirit of “living” the Lucia tradition each year.  The book tells the old story of Sankta Lucia through the eyes of three children living in this time period. Set in Sweden, the story follows… Read More Lucia Morning in Sweden