Whispering Woods-Tales from the Caledonian Forest (and some Scottish Folklore)

Whispering Woods-Tales from the Caledonian Forest (and some Scottish Folklore)


Whispering Woods-Tales from the Caledonian Forest is a magical and enchanting walk through the Scottish forest told by Alan Crawford and exquisitely illustrated by Susan Gray.

whispering woods

Author Alan Crawford invites us to sit by the fire and read this collection of tales aloud, and that’s exactly what our family did. Whispering Woods is a collection of 5 stories divided each into 2 parts. This organization mass great starting and stopping points.

Tale is told based on five of Scotland’s well known trees, The Alder, Ash, Birch, Rowan, and Softs Pine. Whispering Woods delivers us into the world of each tree and the folklore associated with it.

Whispering Woods is a collection of stories about Scotland’s native trees, that weave together threads of mythology and lore, herbal medicine, uses of timber and wood, woodland ecology and imagination to produce unique tales that are appealing to adults and children alike.

These stories will both entertain and inform. Whilst entering into the imaginary world of the story, the reader or listener will also start to become more familiar with the features of our native trees and their associated flora and fauna, leading to a deeper understanding of how species, including ourselves, depend on one another and the environment for survival. These beautifully illustrated stories evolved through a fortuitous, accidental meeting between the author and a teacher searching for original stories to read to children in the forest – stories that would both capture their imagination and enhance their understanding of, and respect for, the woodland environment. They will bring much pleasure to all who love the natural world.-Amazon

whispering woods

One piece of advice I would give is to read the glossary section first before reading the tales aloud. Each day I’d go into the glossary section to learn the Gaelic pronunciations of names and places, and it helped to know this information before hand so I could deepen the experience for the kids as I read each night.

**Please, oh PLEASE do not let a little Gaelic deter you from reading this book!  You will be depriving yourself of a Scottish nature adventure like you’ve never heard of.

I have to mention this next little bit as well; this book is an actual joy to hold and handle. The pages are soft and silky and the book opens easily. There is a great balance in the design of the book between the gorgeous illustrations of Susan Grey and the lovely little imprints of each specific tree. All of this beauty of a book is printed on paper made from responsible resources which means there will be plenty of forest to walk through in the future as well as clean air because Whispering Woods uses responsible sources for its paper and non-toxic ink for its text.

Whispering Woods isn’t just a great teaching tool into the people, traditions, and woodlands of Scotland but a call to everyone of the importance of the trees that surround us. By the end of this book everyone will want to sustain and protect their forests. Alan Crawford plants these seeds brilliantly and with the confidence that we can live up to the challenge.

whispering woods2


Author and master storyteller Alan Crawford knows a lot about the forests of Scotland as he has walked through most of them as a woodland consultant for the Forestry Commission’s Native Woodland Survey of Scotland. His knowledge is woven beautifully into each tale.

Something to Do:

All five of these stories inspire the imagination to do a myriad of activities to jump into the pages of this very fine book. However, we have chosen to jump into The Ferryman and the Fern King (The Alder Tale)

To save the ancient trees of Coille na Fearna from being cut down by Colum MacAllan, the Ferryman enlist the help of his very creative friends. To save the forest we will need to make a waistcoat, felted slippers, and a wooden brooch.


Zaina and the leaf coat


  •  Light-weight cotton lab coat .
  • A collection of dry leaves. If it isn’t autumn in your part of the world, you can use paper or felt leaves as well.
  • A glue gun. When working with children we always use a cold glue gun.

~ Gather a collection of leaves. You will need many of them for this project.

~ Start on the back of the lab coat and then work your way to the front section.

~Glue the leaves on the collar next.

~And then the sleeves.

It’s alright if you don’t cover the whole jacket. You can create a pattern with the leaves so that you have white sections and leafy sections of your jacket.

Felted Slippers:

Felted slippers

felted boot photos by Jennifer Tan

I learned how to make felted slippers from the ever talented Jennifer Tan. By far one of the best tutorials I’ve ever encountered. This tutorial is step by step with very clear instructions.  Here’s a sampling of what you can do.

Felted Slippers 2


Wooden Brooch:



  • Round wooden disks.
  • Colored Pencils
  • Pin clasp

1. Using colored pencils make a design on one side of the wooden disk.

IMG_1136 IMG_1138

2. Once finished add a pin clasp to the back side in a centered position.

We hope that you will read this amazing book, and if you do please share your experiences with us on Jump Into a Book, or on Whispering Woods’ Facebook Page.

Get your copy of Whispering Woods HERE. Happy Reading!


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