Need some summer science activities? Let’s head to the Lab!

It makes me very happy that there are so many science-inspiring books and activities for young readers these days. I was also recently lucky enough to have THREE excellent books from Quarto Publishing of this nature cross my desk-just in time for some summer learning fun for kids.

So without further ado, let’s head to the Lab!

Energy Lab-40 Exciting Experiments to Explore, Create, Harness and Unleash Energy by Emily Hawbaker

Energy Lab for kids

Energy Lab for Kids offers 40 discovery-filled and thought-provoking energy projects by Emily Hawbaker, a science educator from the NEED (National Energy Education Development) project. Each chapter contains scientific explanations, discoveries, and hands-on knowledge that make learning fun.

Energy Lab for Kids is more than just a random collection of science experiments that kids can do in the classroom, kitchen, or backyard. The goal: to explore and discover real energy solutions. The chapters cross all categories–from steam, electricity, and chemical reactions, to water, solar, and wind power, allowing kids to compare and test the different sources and to discover their strengths and failings. Why is one source of energy is more efficient for a one situation but not for another? How come two energy sources combined might work better than a single source? Which sources are renewable?

Math Lab for Kids-Fun, Hands-on activities for Learning with Shapes, Puzzles and Games by Rebecca Rapoport and J.A. Yoder

Math Lab for Kids

Make learning math fun by sharing these hands-on labs with your child. Math Lab for Kids presents more than 50 activities that incorporate coloring, drawing, games, and items like prisms to make math more than just numbers. With Math Lab for Kids, kids can:

– Explore geometry and topology with hands-on examples like prisms, antiprisms, Platonic solids, and Möbius strips.
– Build logic skills by playing and strategizing through tangrams, toothpick puzzles, and the game of Nim.
– Draw graphs to learn the language of connections.
– Discover how to color maps like a mathematician by using the fewest colors possible.
– Create mind bending fractals with straight lines and repeat shapes.

Math lab

Kitchen Science Lab for Kids: 52 Family Friendly Experiments from Around the House by Liz Lee Heinecke

Kitchen Science Lab

At-home science provides an environment for freedom, creativity and invention. In your own kitchen, it’s simple, inexpensive, and fun to whip up a number of amazing science experiments using everyday ingredients. Science can be as easy as baking. Hands-On Family: Kitchen Science Lab for Kids offers 52 fun science activities for families to do together. The experiments can be used as individual projects, for parties, or as educational activities groups. Kitchen Science Lab for Kids will tempt families to cook up some physics, chemistry and biology in their own kitchens and back yards. It’s the perfect resource for Girl Scout Brownies looking to earn their Home Scientist badges! Many of the experiments are safe enough for toddlers and exciting enough for older kids, so families can discover the joy of science together.

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Something To Do

My Head Elf, Becky, and her sweet daughter, Sara, decided to pull an activity out of each book to try at home. First up was the Fizzy Balloon Project from Kitchen Science Lab!

Kitchen Science Lab

As you can see from the pictures, it was a huge success (and a fun learning experience)!

Kitchen Science lab

How about you? Would you like your kids to “head to the lab” this summer? If so you are in luck. I am giving ONE lucky winner all THREE Lab-inspired books! What a great way to keep young minds exploring all summer. Be below for the scoop 🙂


ONE winner will receive a copy of Math Lab, Kitchen Scientist and Energy Lab. Giveaway begins June 27, 2017

  • Prizing & samples  courtesy of Authors of the above books
  • Giveaway open to US addresses only
  • ONE lucky winner will win one copy of each of the above books.
  • Residents of USA only please.
  • Must be 18 years or older to enter
  • One entry per household.
  • Staff and family members of Audrey Press are not eligible.
  • Grand Prize winner has 48 hours to claim prize
  • Winner will be chosen via Rafflecopter on July 14,2017

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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