Ready for Some Fiber Fun While Reading? Fiber Arts for Kids

Fiber Arts for Kids

JIAB Intern, Hannah, and I LOVE to knit. We can’t pass a yarn shop and are always looking for the next best pattern. Continuing on in our “Read to Follow Directions” series. Hannah gives us look into the new release Knit, Hook, and Spin by Laurie Carlson. I’ve long been a Laurie Carlson fan and was so thrilled and happy she wrote this Fiber Arts for Kids book.

Fiber Arts for kids

Knit, Hook, and Spin is one of those books that I wish I’d had as a kid! There are so many different activities and crafts to fill your day with fun! Carlson talks about felting, weaving, knotting, stitching, knitting, crocheting, spinning, dyeing, and even recycling old projects! But not only does she give us all of these wonderful crafts, Carlson can’t leave us without a little information first.

fiber arts for kids
Before readers even get to the activities, they first have to learn about the materials they are going to be working with. Each activity has a description and occasionally even a history of use included with it. We honestly didn’t know how many different types of yarn there was in the world! So many!

But I think my favorite part of this whole book is at the end. After learning how to do all of these wonderful activities, Laurie Carlson suggests putting our new found talents to good use: We can start making knit caps for premature babies, socks for homeless people, blankets to send to needy people around the world, comfort dolls to give to children who face abuse or tragedy prayer shawls, cancer caps…the possibilities are absolutely endless! Just get involved and make a difference with your crafting talents!!

I so wish that I’d had this book when I was a kid! I just recently found my love of knitting, and I wish I’d been more exposed to it as a kid. I would’ve had so much fun just crafting my way through this entire book! This gives children an outlet for their creativity in a productive, helpful way. This book is a library must-have!


Something To Do

1. So we decided to pull out one of the crafts from Ms. Carlson’s book! Last night, I spent a little while making yarn flowers with a fork. Super easy, fun, and cute! I had all the materials in my house, and they make the most beautiful bouquet! All you need is colorful yarn, green yarn, a fork, and a pair of scissors.

**Tip: weave your warn close together and almost all the way to the top of the fork’s tines for a fluffier, fuller flower.

Fiber Arts for Kids
**Tip 2: If you make the steps long enough, you can make your flower into a little bracelet!

Fiber arts for kids
2. Into knitting? Once you get the basics down, you can work up to knitting an afghan/quilt like this!

3. Want some more patterns to practice your new skill?
Got your crochet skills down? Try crocheting some cute little animals!
4. Interested in knitting/weaving/crocheting/spinning for a cause? Check out this website to see how you can get involved!

Slip stitch knit afghan on

****Some of these links are affiliate links. That means if you click and buy, I may get a very small commission. This money goes towards postage and supplies to keep books and ideas in the hands of young readers!

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